• Not too subtle, huh?    August 1 
This photo could wreck a one-time GOP presidential hopeful's career

This is not the kind of image that an ex-politician would really want to be remembered for.

The Washington Post reports that on Friday a key photo was entered into evidence in the federal corruption trial of former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) for gifts that he received from donor and dietary supplement CEO Jonnie Williams Sr. The photo shows McDonnell smiling and showing off an expensive wristwatch.

Williams testified on Thursday that McDonnell sent him the photo via text message in December 2012. The watch is a rather infamous gift that Williams allegedly gave to McDonnell, with a special engraving: "Robert F. McDonnell, 71st Governor of Virginia."

The watch itself was passed around among jurors on Thursday. Williams also stated that the Rolex cost between $6,000 and $7,000 — part of the more than $165,000 in gifts from Williams that McDonnell is accused of accepting. --Eric Kleefeld

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