• The worst day    August 4 
Here's what a really horrific day at work looks like

That is a window cleaning carriage hanging by a cable outside of the tallest building in Vienna, Austria. And, if you squint, you can just make out the fluorescent green jacket of one of the two cleaners clinging to the raised edge of the platform dangling more than 470 feet above the ground.

The carriage reportedly stalled and then slipped 90 degrees. It's unclear how long the workers were hanging there or when exactly this horrific work event happened. But it reportedly took about 30 firefighters to rescue the two workers, who emerged unhurt, from outside the building's 48th floor.

So, yeah, next time the copier eats your report or your boss bumps up your deadline, take a moment to consider the amount of stress these men where under when they were trying not to die, and humbly swallow that whine.

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