• Throwback Headlock    August 4 
Watch a 46-year-old Nolan Ryan repeatedly punch a dude in the face for charging the mound

Twenty-one years ago Monday, Robin Ventura taught us all a valuable lesson: Don't mess with Nolan Ryan. Ever.

In 1993, the then-46-year-old Ryan was playing through his final big league season when his Rangers took on Ventura's White Sox. After a Ryan offering plunked Ventura in the arm, the White Sox third baseman made a feint to first before sprinting straight at the Hall of Famer. The confrontation did not end well for Ventura, as Ryan swiftly put him in a headlock and started pummeling his face.

Ventura went on to have a decent MLB career. Ryan went on to become a grumpy-looking dude whose glum visage could often be seen during Rangers games, scowling from behind home plate. Now in his late 60s, Ryan still looks like he could whoop a rookie foolish enough to challenge him. --Jon Terbush

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