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Watch these Australian commuters tip a train to save a man trapped on the platform

Despite the close quarters and shared harsh conditions of a New York City subway station, the train platform hardly seems the place for bonding with your fellow commuters. Not so for a lucky man in Perth, Australia, who benefited from a generous communal effort from his commuting peers Wednesday morning when he became stuck between the train car and the platform.

The man, who wasn't named, stepped his right foot into the train before placing his left directly into the gap between the train car and the platform and falling through. Immediately after he fell, a commuter boarding the train behind him signaled for station staff, and two men already inside the car began to help. But that was only the beginning of friendly travelers lending a hand:

"He seemed to be a bit sheepish because right where he fell was the 'mind the gap' writing," commuter Nicolas Taylor, who helped push the train, told Perth Now. Indeed, the train wasn't particularly crowded when the man made his misstep — it seemed he just wasn't paying attention.

So there you have it, folks: Be careful stepping off the platform, or else hope your train buddies are as strong as the ones in Perth, Australia.

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