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Watch Eddie Redmayne channel Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything

Anyone who didn't know that The Theory of Everything was a Stephen Hawking biopic might assume, based on this first trailer, that the film is just another indie rom-com. "I'm a cosmologist. I study the marriage of space and time," says Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) on an impromptu date with Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones).

In the midst of their romance, Hawking is diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and given a life expectancy of two years. But Wilde refuses to accept the grim prognosis, insisting that the duo will "fight this illness together" — and as Hawking fights through the illness, he continues to climb up the ranks of the scientific community.

It's a powerful story, and one that Hawking's many fans in the scientific community might not be familiar with. "It has been a great joy to watch this man defy every expectation, both scientific and personal," says an admirer at the end of the trailer. Moviegoers will get the chance to admire along with him when The Theory of Everything hits theaters in November. --Scott Meslow

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