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The entire Wu-Tang Clan reunites on The Daily Show, debuts a new song

Wu-Tang forever.

It's been seven years and a lot of drama since their last album, 8 Diagrams, but Wu-Tang is back, baby!

All nine surviving members reunited on The Daily Show Wednesday to talk brotherhood and their new album A Better Tomorrow, out this November.

"It is an honor to have all of you together again. This is historic and I truly appreciate it," Jon Stewart said. Stewart made a light-hearted attempt to press the group about the details of their make-up, but the Clan kept a united front.

"We have something in common with one another, it's a brotherhood, a respect," RZA said, explaining away the group's historic beef. "When we say a better tomorrow we're striving to make a better tomorrow for ourselves but also to inspire a better tomorrow for the world, yo."

We'll take it. Watch the interview and historic performances below. --Lauren Hansen

Watch Stewart's interview with Wu-Tang:

Watch Wu-Tang perform "Ron O'Neal:

Watch the bonus performance, "Triumph":

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