July 30, 2014

If you break up with your significant other, don't rush to the shredder to destroy all photographic evidence of your relationship. Instead, slap Beyonce over his/her head and start moving on.

Cassandra Blackwel decided to do just that, and hastily began putting Beyoncé on top of her ex-boyfriend in old pictures (she admits she doesn't have a clue how to Photoshop). Now, those photos live on her Beyoncify My Boyfriend Tumblr. This could even turn into a lucrative business for Blackwel; since starting her project, she has received photos from followers who want their own pictures with Beyoncé. She's pretty sure this is a foolproof way for people to get over their exes. "If imaging yourself at your happiest with Beyoncé doesn't help, I don't know what will," she told BuzzFeed. --Catherine Garcia