January 22, 2016
AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Former Ben Carson campaign manager and longtime Republican strategist Barry Bennett has jumped ship to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, The Washington Post reports. Both Bennett and Trump's campaign manager have confirmed that Bennett is now serving as an informal and unpaid adviser to Trump's campaign. Bennett's role is "one of counselor and resource to Trump's top aides as they begin to prepare for a possible general-election campaign," The Post reports.

Bennett says he left Carson's campaign after "growing frustrated with the candidate." He finalized his current relationship with the Trump campaign last week following a private meeting at Trump Tower in which Bennett volunteered to help with planning.

"I believe Trump is going to win and it's important that his campaign is ready for everything that is coming," Bennett told The Washington Post, noting that his goal is not strategy but "to help them think through it."

"I'm here to do what is needed. I'm not being paid and I'm going to be mostly focused on getting my business back up and running." Becca Stanek