a tweet for everything
December 11, 2017

CNN's New Day team expressed open alarm Monday morning over a New York Times report that alleges President Trump watches four to eight hours of television a day. "First of all that's more than even doctors recommend," said host Alisyn Camerota. "And second of all, shouldn't the president be busier?"

"If you go through the commercials, you can watch eight hours of television in 19 minutes," Chris Cuomo chimed in. He then got serious, adding that Trump's "latest strategy of doubling down on attacking the media is a little bit different than just how many Big Macs he eats." As he's previously explained, Cuomo also said Monday that Trump's blanket denials should frighten the public.

"There's a danger to this," he said.

In fact, Cuomo's comments were uncannily relevant, as just moments later Trump logged onto Twitter:

Watch the New Day staff discuss Trump's TV obsession below. Jeva Lange

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