April 6, 2018

President Trump called into New York City morning radio show Bernie and Sid in the Morning on Friday "in between North Korea and Iran and all of the other things going on," and proceeded to boast about how his approval rating is almost 23 points higher than any credible poll has put it at.

"A poll just came out now, Rasmussen, it's now 51 [percent]," Trump told the hosts, Bernie McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg. "They say that it's 51 but add another 7 or 8 points to it. That's almost embarrassing for me to tell you, because they don't want to talk about it, but when they get into the booth they want to vote for Trump."

In FiveThirtyEight's analysis of bias and accuracy of polls, Rasmussen Reports earns a dismal C+ grade — and that's without Trump's advised inflation. By comparison, other polls show Trump with the lowest approval rating of any modern president at this point in his term. Just 36 percent of Americans approved of his job performance a year after his inauguration, for example, as found by an A+ rated ABC News/Washington Post poll. Listen to Trump's comments below. Jeva Lange

August 17, 2017

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) isn't buying chief strategist Stephen Bannon's excuse for the interview he gave Tuesday, in which he dished on his beef with colleagues, contradicted President Trump's stance on North Korea, and claimed that Trump officials are so nervous about changing trade policy they're "wetting themselves." The media-savvy former Breitbart editor has claimed that he thought the interview with progressive publication, The American Prospect, was off the record.

"Oh, baloney. Steve Bannon is a professional," Gingrich said in a Thursday appearance on Fox & Friends, struggling to figure out what Bannon was trying to accomplish with this interview. "Maybe, if you're senior White House adviser, it's useful not to screw it up. ... If you're senior White House adviser, you make your argument in the Oval Office, you make your argument in the chief of staff's office," Gingrich said.

In a final zinger, Gingrich brought up former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who went rogue in an interview with The New Yorker by offering some lewd remarks about Bannon. “This reminds me of Scaramucci," Gingrich said of Bannon's inteview. "You don't go off and do this stuff."

Bannon's interviewer at The American Prospect, Robert Kuttner, said that Bannon never asked for their conversation to be off the record. Watch Gingrich's commentary below, starting around the 6:12 mark, and read Bannon's "accidentally" on the record interview at The American Prospect. Becca Stanek

January 18, 2017
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tweeting isn't something President-elect Donald Trump likes to do, it's simply something he has to do — or so he says. "Look, I don't like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing," Trump said during an interview on Fox & Friends that aired Wednesday morning. "But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it's my only way that I can counteract."

And counteract he has. Trump has racked up more than 34,000 tweets since he joined Twitter in March 2009, and he's taken up calling out news outlets, people he dislikes, and businesses considering offshoring jobs. Just this morning, for example, Trump slammed the Today show for being "biased" and having "little credibility."

But Trump claimed this would all come to an end if the media just treated him better. "Now if the press were honest — which it's not — I would absolutely not use Twitter," he said. "I wouldn't have to."

For now though, he indicated, he has no choice but to continue tweeting to his more than 20 million followers, collecting thousands and thousands of "likes" along the way. Becca Stanek