September 17, 2017
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Four American tourists were victims of an acid attack on Sunday that took place at a train station in the French city of Marseille. The 41-year-old woman who allegedly threw the acid has been arrested, The Associated Press reports. The victims were all women in their 20s, and have been hospitalized, some with face and eye injuries.

A spokeswoman for the Marseille prosecutor's office said the attacker did not make any extremist declarations, and it wasn't immediately clear if the attack was terror-related. Jessica Hullinger

August 13, 2017
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India's Baba Raghav Das hospital, a public facility in the state of Uttar Pradesh, has come under scrutiny after some 60 children died in its care over the course of just five days.

The hospital chief has been suspended amid allegations that many of the deaths stem from a shortage of oxygen supplies due to mismanagement and unpaid bills. Hospital staff and patients' families frantically attempted to provide manual oxygen support, but in many cases they were unsuccessful.

"We will know — whether it was because of an oxygen shortage or due to a lack of proper treatment," promised top local official Yogi Adityanath. "Those found guilty will not be spared." Bonnie Kristian

November 19, 2016

A playground memorializing Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch, who was Jewish, was defaced Friday with spray-painted swastikas and the phrase "Go Trump!"

The vandalism in Brooklyn Heights, New York, was swiftly repainted Saturday morning, with locals adding hearts and flowers where the swastikas had been.

Back off our park haters #adamyauchpark

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New York State Sen. Daniel Squadron invited President-elect Donald Trump to join a community event at the park on Sunday that will condemn the vandal's anti-semitic message. This incident resembles a number of similar reports from around the country since Trump's victory.

Yauch, known to most by his stage name, MCA, died of cancer in 2012 at the age of 47. Bonnie Kristian

August 6, 2016
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At least 13 people were killed and six more injured in a fire at a basement bar in Rouen, France, Friday night. Eyewitness accounts say the blaze at Cuba Libre bar began accidentally, reported Laurent Labadie of the local prosecutor's office. "There was no explosion," Labadie said. "Candles on a birthday cake started the fire after the person who carried it tripped on the stairs leading to the basement."

Sound insulation materials on the basement walls burned very rapidly, leaving party-goers little time to escape. "It happened in three seconds," the bar's owner recalled. "Some customers exited on their hands and knees. Some of them tried to use a fire extinguisher, but it was too late."

The identities and ages of the victims are currently unknown. More than 50 firefighters worked to put out the flames. Bonnie Kristian

February 29, 2016

Donald Trump's rallies aren't known for being peaceful affairs, from the forcible removal of protesters to all-out altercations. The candidate himself has threatened from the stage to throw a punch. The latest instance of violence out of Trumptown is pretty brutal, however, as Time reporter Chris Morris was reportedly choked and thrown to the ground by a security guard at the GOP frontrunner's rally in Radford, Virginia, on Monday. An attendee captured the confrontation on video and posted it to Instagram, but has since deleted the clip; luckily, Mashable captured a GIF from the video in which, near the bottom of the frame, a man in a suit (the security guard) can be clearly seen grabbing another man (Morris) by the throat and throwing him to the ground:

It's not entirely clear whether the security agent was a Secret Service officer or a private guard, Gawker notes. See more context and visuals of the incident here. Kimberly Alters

March 16, 2015

Two suicide bombers walked into neighboring Christian churches in Lahore, Pakistan, during Sunday services and blew themselves up, killing 15 people. At least 70 others were wounded. One church was Catholic, the other Protestant. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombings and promised more such attacks in the future.

Christians, like other religious minorities, are under increasing attack in Pakistan, and they accuse the government of not doing enough to protect them. After the bombings, a mob of Christians burned two people to death they accused of involvement in the attack, and Christians blocked major highways in Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan. Reuters has a video of the aftermath below. —Peter Weber

February 27, 2015

Veterinarians from around the world have come together to save Magnus, a lion cub who was born into captivity at a circus in Spain and horribly mistreated for the first few months of his life.

Magnus was separated from his mother when he was only days old, and purposely starved so he wouldn't grow and could appear in photos with visitors who paid 20 euros each, ABC Los Angeles reports. He was fed just yogurt and bread, and when he became extremely ill the circus owner took him to a vet and asked that he euthanize the cub. Spanish officials found out what happened and gave Magnus to an animal sanctuary, where it was discovered that his bones and muscles were stunted and his esophagus was so narrow he was unable to eat solid food.

This horrible story has a better ending: Once the four-month-old cub's plight was shared, vets from around the globe offered to help, and donations came pouring in for his treatment. Magnus underwent a necessary surgery, one of many he will need, and is now eating chicken cut into small pieces. His veterinarian said that unfortunately, the cub will be chronically ill for the rest of his life and will never be able to live on his own in the wild. Remember that the next time you go to the circus. Catherine Garcia