Animal Kingdom : Lifestyle
Fortunately, zoo officials recovered this little escape artist.

Rusty the red panda and 9 other escaped zoo animals [Updated]

Rusty is hardly the first caged animal to make a break for it

Animal Kingdom : Update
Dolphins have retractable, hand-like, penises that grope around for potential mates. Not so cute now are they?

The 12 weirdest animal penises on Earth [Updated]

From dolphins' hand-like retractables to tiny bugs' dagger-esque spikes, here are a few of the animal kingdom's stranger male sex organs

Animal Kingdom : Science
This little fur ball bears a striking resemblance to your long-lost ancestor.

Man's common ancestor with other mammals: A rat?

Say hi to your, great, great, great, great... grand-something

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They may have bad taste in chow, but dung beetles sure are resourceful at night.

How dung beetles use stars to find their way home

Swedish researchers find that the bugs can use the heavens to correctly orient themselves

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With a little bit of time and effort, a domesticated fox will be your cuddle buddy.

Yes, you can have a pet fox

Thanks to the hard work of a Soviet geneticist and a few fox enthusiasts, says Dan Nosowitz at Popular Science, domesticated foxes exist

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
The race to save a pod of killer whales trapped in ice

The race to save a pod of killer whales trapped in arctic ice [Updated]

If the whales' small hole freezes over, they will drown

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This multi-tentacled creature was spotted 2,067 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

WATCH: The first-ever footage of the legendary giant squid in its natural habitat

Japanese researchers pursue the mythical creature 2,000 feet under the sea

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
The decoy spider is constructed from pieces of leaves and other debris.

The spider that builds its own lifelike decoys

Don't be fooled by this master trickster

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
The tip of each Porcupine quill has roughly 800 microscopic barbs.

How porcupines are helping doctors design better needles

The rodent's barbed quills give researchers some unlikely inspiration

Animal Kingdom : Photos
9 animal species named after famous people

9 animal species named after famous people [Updated]

Lady Gaga, Stephen Colbert, and President Obama are just a few of the names lucky enough to receive the biology world's highest compliment

Animal Kingdom : Best Video
An unsuspecting pigeon: Potential catfish snack.

WATCH: How catfish taught themselves to snag pigeons for lunch

Along the Tarn River in France, freshwater fish have adopted a hunting technique more typically used by killer whales

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
Lobsters, it turns out, accumulate rings as they age, similar to the way trees do. 

How to calculate a lobster's age

Scientists learn that you can count the crustacean's rings to determine how old it is, just like you would a tree

Animal Kingdom : Analysis
Sigh. Midlife can feel bleak for chimps too, only they can't perk themselves up with extravagant gifts.

Do chimps go through midlife crises too?

According to a new study, our closest biological relatives experience an emotional lull in middle age, much like we humans do

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
A jaguar known as an onca pintada walks in the Jardim Zoo in Brasilia, Brazil: To help save this endangered species from extinction, Brazilian scientists plan to clone it.

Brazil's bizarre plan to clone endangered wolves, jaguars, and monkeys

Next month Brazilian biologists will attempt to genetically reproduce eight at-risk species in a lab

Animal Kingdom : Best Video
Illacme plenipes has a record-smashing 750 legs.

WATCH: Video of the rare millipede with a record-breaking 750 legs

Scientists rediscover an astoundingly leggy bug they once believed to be extinct

Animal Kingdom : Fact Sheet
A fossil of the Sauroniops was recently unearthed and scientists think the 40-foot behemoth may have been at the tippy top of the prehistoric food chain.

Sauroniops: The Tyrannosaurus-sized dinosaur named after the Lord of the Rings villain

The full name of this terrifying predator translates literally to "Eye of Sauron" in Greek

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