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A rendering of the helium-filled airship researchers hope to use to search for Bigfoot.

The wacky plan to build a Bigfoot-hunting blimp

An Idaho State University professor is hoping his plan for a crowd-sourced, remote-control airship will attract the pocketbooks of Sasquatch believers

Animal Kingdom : Burning Question
The fossilized remains of the ostrich-like species Ornithomimus edmontonicus.

Did dinosaurs develop wings for sex?

Fossil records indicate that an ostrich-like species developed feathered wings to attract potential mates — not to fly

Animal Kingdom : Analysis
Messy eater: The Tyrannosaurus rex.

Why Tyrannosaurus rex would rip Triceratops' head off

New fossil findings suggest T-rex would dismember downed foes to get at the tender neck meat hiding beneath the massive frilly skull

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A Beluga whale named NOC learned to lower its speech-sounds to mimic those of its human trainers.

Can whales mimic human voices?

In a newly revealed report, researchers document the sounds of a peppy Beluga who could copy the speech intonations of nearby handlers

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This spider may not be the most recent arachnid discovery, but that doesn't make the thought of being attacked by a swarm of them any less terrifying.

7 of the scariest spiders in existence

Eight-legged arachnids, like the Goliath bird-eater or the eyeless Kauai cave wolf spider, are some of the most feared critters on the planet

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Too cute to eat, right? Maybe not. The cuddly looking bears were reportedly once a favorite meal for our ancestors.

Did early humans eat pandas?

Fossil records from China suggest that the famously adorable bamboo munchers were often slashed to death by primitive people

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
My, what big eye you have: Some giant sea creature seems to have lost something important that washed onto a Florida beach.

The freakishly giant eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach

Scientists are mystified by a softball-sized eyeball discovered on a Florida shoreline

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Since its head is submerged in water, this Chinese soft-shelled turtle might actually be urinating... through its mouth.

Meet the soft-shelled turtle that urinates from its mouth

Biologists believe this strange adaptation helped the animal survive in salty swamp water

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According to new DNA research, T-Rex and his prehistoric pals will have to stay relegated to the big screen.

Why we'll never have a real-life Jurassic Park

Bad news, dino fans. New research suggests that DNA decomposes far too fast for us to clone any ancient beasts

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
This 100-million-year-old fossil is the first ever piece of amber to capture a spider in the middle of attacking it's prey.

The 100-million-year-old spider attack frozen in time

Researchers find an ancient piece of amber that shows a spider preying on a wasp caught in its web

Nature Gone Awry : Controversy
French apiarist Andre Frieh holds up samples of honey: The bright blue sample is believed to have been contaminated by a plant involved in candy production in Ribeauville, France.

Why are French bees producing colored honey?

Bees in one French town are crafting honey in startling shades of blue and green, and beekeepers are blaming a nearby candy plant

Animal Kingdom : Analysis
This terrifying dinosaur had pig-like fangs, a parrot-like beak, and was covered in quills.

5 of the most freakishly bizarre dinosaurs ever dug up

The ancient beasts were a diverse bunch — sporting fur, feathers, and pig-like fangs

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Hog farmer Terry Vance Garner went missing in late August. The 69-year-old's dentures were later found inside his pig enclosure.

6 terrifying instances of pets eating their owners

An Oregon hog farmer goes missing — and hours later, only dentures and an unnamed body part are recovered from his pig pen

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This vampire squid gobbles up all manner of discarded junk in the ocean — including feces and bits of other creatures' shells.

The vampire squid that feasts on feces and mucus

A bizarre-looking sea creature lurking 3,000 feet below the surface doesn't eat other animals. Instead, it acts as "the garbage disposal of the ocean"

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
Soldiers display recovered elephant ivories in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 22: Fifteen members of the Kenya Wildlife Service were killed while on duty this year.

Inside Africa's bloody elephant-poaching war

In what has become an increasingly violent conflict, the ivory trade leaves thousands of elephants dead every year, as well as hundreds of guards and poachers

Animal Kingdom : Burning Question
Tian Tian, the National Zoo's 275-pound male giant panda, moves around his enclosure on Sept. 24, the day after the death of his 6-day-old panda cub.

The death of the National Zoo's week-old giant panda cub: What went wrong?

Celebration turned to mourning Sunday when the Washington, D.C., zoo's 6-day-old panda cub suddenly died

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