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A fruit fly hovering near your rotting papaya may be looking to drown his sorrows in its alcoholic content.

Do fruit flies use alcohol to cope with sexual rejection?

New research finds that dejected male flies seek booze when rejected by the ladies. The findings could help humans fight addiction more successfully

Animal Kingdom : Essay
An octopus silently descends onto its prey: The octopus is also an attractive target for predators, and often constructs a protective den in the rocks with a small peephole it can look out through.

What we can learn from the octopus

The wisdom of these eight-legged cephalopods, says Rafe Sagarin, can help us fight terrorism, natural disasters, and disease

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
A wild brown bear uses a barnacle-covered stone to scratch off excess fur and skin.

Do bears exfoliate?

A furry predator takes a bath in Alaska's Glacier Bay, using a barnacle-covered rock to remove molting fur

Nature Gone Awry : The List
Thanks to the warm winter, bears are waking up from their months-long hibernation earlier than usual... and they're hungry.

The 'freakishly warm' winter: 4 unwelcome side effects

You better enjoy these last, unusually balmy days of winter, because come spring, nature has a few surprises for us — like ravenous bears

Animal Kingdom : Analysis
Young bonobos embrace: The female primates are social climbers, according to new research, who will use sex with high-ranking alpha females to gain status for themselves.

Why female bonobos are such 'promiscuous primates'

The "lovemaking cousin of the warrior chimp" is happy to kiss and tell if it helps her reach the top of the social ladder 

Nature Gone Awry : Analysis
Buzzards fly around two dead dolphins on a beach in Peru: This year's unusual number of beached dolphins is being blamed on everything from warm weather to something they ate.

Why are dolphins beaching themselves? 4 theories

Scientists aren't sure why the beloved marine mammals are getting stranded in unprecedented numbers this winter. But they have a few ideas

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Sure, goats don't have their own language, but they're still prone to picking up the bleating patterns of the animals in their immediate social circle.

Do goats have accents?

Humans from Texas and Canada sound quite different. Is the same true for our bleating, four-legged pals?

Animal Kingdom : Slideshow
A rabbit and a tiger cub

The most unlikely Valentine's couples... in the animal world

From predators cuddling their would-be prey to a ram and deer "wedding," these animal pairs prove that love really is blind

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
A tourist interacts with a whale at Sea World Orlando: PETA claims the marine park is committing something akin to slavery by keeping orcas captive.

Do whales have civil rights?

When it comes to the constitutional amendment banning slavery, PETA argues that orcas are people, too

Animal Kingdom : Burning Question
Burmese pythons, some of them escaped pets, have become common in the Florida Everglades, and they're eating the local wildlife.

Are 12-foot pythons devouring the wildlife in the Florida Everglades? 

Scores of animals native to the Sunshine State's swampy climate are disappearing in "dramatic" numbers — are alien snakes to blame?

Animal Kingdom : Fact Sheet
A California sea lion: The bodies of eight sea lions with gunshot wounds have been found in Washington state, confounding and worrying many experts.

Washington's sea lion murder mystery

Eight protected marine mammals with gunshot wounds are found dead in the Puget Sound area. Who would do such a thing?

Nature Gone Awry : Best Video
On a farm in the Republic of Georgia, a newborn lamb with six limbs drinks milk from its mother.

Europe's freakishly cute six-legged lamb

An Eastern European village rejoices over a strange new addition to its livestock pool

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White snowy owls, just like Harry Potter's pet Hedwig, will be swooping through American skies for much of the winter.

America's newest immigration wave: Harry Potter owls? 

White snowy owls that look an awful lot like Hedwig are being spotted above the continental U.S., sending birdwatchers and Potter fans into a frenzy

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Rare "supersoldier" ants have giant heads that dwarf those of their fellow soldier ants, a handy mutation when it's time to block a tunnel during enemy ant raids.

New York's 'horrific' supersoldier ants

Scientists are fascinated by the sudden appearance of monstrous ants with giant, mutated heads in Long Island

Animal Kingdom : Best Video
A never before seen species of octopus, among other creatures, was discovered off the coast of Antarctica.

Discovered: Antarctica's underwater 'lost world'

Using automated submersibles outfitted with cameras, explorers were able to snag a rare glimpse of sunless life surrounding the deep ocean's hydrothermal vents

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
A black tip shark: A rare hybrid of two species of black tip sharks has been found in Australia, and researchers say rising ocean temperatures may be driving interbreeding.

Are sharks interbreeding to survive climate change?

Scientists discover 57 rare hybrid sharks swimming off the Australian coast — and suggest two species mated to give their offspring a better shot at survival

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