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A silkworm cocoon: Scientists have placed spider silk genes into the glands of silkworms for an improved hybrid of spider and worm silk.

The miracle 'spider silk' spun by genetically altered silkworms

Humans have long coveted the ultra-strong webbing of spiders — but it took a scientific breakthrough to actually harvest the stuff

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For the second New Year's in a row, flocks of blackbirds, disoriented by local fireworks, flew into buildings and trees, their dead bodies littering an Arkansas town.

The return of Arkansas' mass bird deaths

Ominously, scores of blackbirds once again fell from the sky above a small southern town on New Year's Eve. But this time, intentional mischief may be to blame

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A young chimp awaits its turn in medical experiments: Recent studies found that a majority of retired lab chimps exhibit depression.

Should we limit medical testing on chimps?

The Institute of Medicine finds most experimentation on chimpanzees to be "unnecessary" — putting the onus on science to adapt

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A new species of cockroach can jump like a grasshopper and travel distances fifty time its own length.

Discovered: The 'horrible' jumping cockroach

A new species of roach found in South Africa can cover 50 times its body length in a single bound

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A pair of Adelie penguins: Chinese zookeepers have allowed two "gay" penguins to adopt a chick from a female penguin who was struggling to care for both of her twins.

The 'adorable' gay penguins who adopted a baby chick

A Chinese zoo creates an unusual family by fulfilling the apparent dream of two male penguins who just wanted a kid  

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Chunzi the deer licks its love Changmao the ram. Their unlikely romance has stayed strong despite a Chinese zoo's attempt to split them up.

The 'unconventional' romance between a ram and a deer

The unlikely soulmates spice up life at a Chinese zoo with their interspecies love story

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Bana, a 16-year-old Western lowland gorilla, holds her infant last week at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago's 'mysterious' baby gorilla death

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo staff gleefully welcomed an endangered gorilla's offspring, only to find the infant dead — possibly at its mother's hand — nine days later

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A sperm whale model at a whaling museum: Newly analyzed fossils suggest the whale evolved from hooved, deer-like creatures.

Did whales have legs?

The remains of an ancient animal found in Egyptian marble may help scientists solve a whale of an evolutionary puzzle

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12 endangered newborn zoo animals: A slideshow

12 endangered newborn zoo animals: A slideshow

Under siege in the wild, these rare species get a new shot at survival with the help of human caretakers

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Whale bones buried in the Namibian sand: A whale graveyard was recently found in Chile, with some fossils as big as a bus.

The 'mysterious' whale graveyard discovered in a desert

Scientists play detective after 20 "perfectly intact skeletons" of ancient sea mammals are found thousands of feet away from the Pacific Ocean

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An octopus swims off the coast of Hawaii: The gangly sea creature has been observed using tools and has been known to recognize and remember humans, according to scientists.

The octopus' 'human-like' intelligence

The eight-armed mollusk can use tools, recognize humans, and even play games. Time to bow down before our new cephalopod overlords?

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Toronto zoo officials want to break up (apparently gay) lovebirds Buddy and Pedro, saying that the need to perpetuate their endangered species trumps the penguins' feelings for each other.

Was it homophobic to separate the Toronto zoo's 'gay penguins'?

Officials say the endangered birds must mate with females to pass on their genes. But what about love?

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As Antarctic fur seal pups grow, they sometimes travel thousands of miles away from their birthplace, only to return to nearly the same spot when it's time for them to give birth.

The 'uncanny' seals that give birth exactly where they were born

"It's as if they have some sort of in-built GPS system," says an awed researcher

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A slew of dead animals are seen on Terry Thompson's property: Ohio law enforcement officials killed 49 of the 56 wild animals that Thompson freed from his 73-acre ranch before killing himself.

Ohio zoo escape: Should authorities have shot the animals?

An exotic-animal owner frees dozens of lions, tigers, and bears to terrorize Zanesville, Ohio, then shoots himself. Officials respond, controversially, by killing the animals

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A diseased ringed seal, with patches of fur loss, on the Alaskan coast: At least 46 seals have died and some 150 appear to be infected with this mysterious disease.

The 'mysterious' disease killing Alaskan seals 

An unknown virus is causing hordes of ringed seals to develop bleeding lesions and beach themselves on Arctic coasts. What's behind this deadly outbreak?

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Based on the revised size estimates for the T-Rex., some scientists are questioning whether the beasts could even run.

Discovered: The even 'plumper' T. Rex

Was the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex more rotund and sluggish than previously imagined? 

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