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The Kraken is the thing of folklore and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but now some new evidence leads scientists to believe the sea monster actually existed.

A strange, bone-filled lair: Proof the kraken existed? 

A paleontologist insists that a massive, octopus-like creature once terrorized the ocean — and turned the bones of its prey into a self-portrait

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
A night surfer is seen against glow-in-the-dark waves caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.

San Diego's 'dazzling' glow-in-the-dark waves

California's beaches are gleaming like a "beautiful hallucination" — and surfers are stoked. What's behind this nocturnal lightshow? 

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A worker crouches in a San Francisco sewer: Scientists studying sewage have discovered at least 43,381 viruses in the filth.

The 'exotic' viruses that live in your sewage 

Scientists discover a wealth of new microscopic bugs... by sifting through excrement on three continents

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Tiny ants with a nasty bite crawl over an exterminator's hand.

The 'crazy hairy ants' invading America

These tiny biting insects are pretty much exactly what they sound like — and the U.S. South is their newest playground

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Happy Feet the emperor penguin was homeward bound earlier this month, but now he's missing and presumed eaten.

Where in the world is Happy Feet the 'wayward' penguin?

The lovable, errant bird nursed back to health in New Zealand goes missing just days after being released to return to his Antarctic home

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Millions of insatiable king crabs have recently migrated to the oceans around Antarctica, and are expected to destroy much of the local marine life.

The giant crabs invading Antarctica

Hulking crustaceans with appetites to match are taking over the oceans near the South Pole

Animal Kingdom : Analysis
An endangered northern white rhino and its calf: Using stem cells, scientists are developing an artificial reproduction program that could help bring these animals back from the brink.

Will stem cell 'zoos' save endangered species?

There are only seven northern white rhinos left in the world — but a new scientific breakthrough may rescue their kind from extinction

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Gov. Rick Perry's solution to Texas' feral pig problem: Letting hunters pile into helicopters and shoot as many hogs as they want.

Rick Perry and Texas' feral pig problem

In a controversial move endorsed by the governor, Texans are renting "pork choppers" to aerial-hunt the wild hogs who are menacing the Lone Star State

Nature Gone Awry : Burning Question
An Indonesian villager walks through a dried-up field affected by a 2009 El Nino weather system: Researchers say El Nino may drive poor countries into civil strife.

Does El Niño cause civil wars?

Researchers believe there's a strong link between armed conflict and the occurrence of El Niño weather patterns

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A new species of spider was found in Israel last year: Scientists say 86 percent of life on land has never been seen, and much of it may be extinct before it is found.

The looming extinction of Earth's plants and animals

We still haven't discovered most of the life on Earth, and we're killing it off before we can find it, scientists warn

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The Protoanguilla palau eel has survived for millions of years without evolving.

The eel that's a 'living fossil'

This 'bizarre' eel has bodily features unlike any other eel, and it may be endangered by the aquarium trade

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More vampire bats are migrating north as their souther climates get warmer, which could increase the number of their rare, but fatal attacks in the future.

Death from vampire bats: A growing trend?

The first U.S. death from a vampire bat bite has been confirmed, and these might occur more often in the future

Nature Gone Awry : Slideshow
Stoned animals: A slideshow

Stoned animals: A slideshow

Apparently, some animals like to party as much as humans do. A look at drug- and booze-abusers in the wild

Animal Kingdom : Essay
Shark hunting has become an obsession for one Miami fisherman who has killed more than 100,000 of the fish in nearly three decades.

The last shark hunter in Miami

Mark Quartiano has killed over 100,000 sharks, says Juliet Eilperin, and he's starting to feel a bit uneasy

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More and more polar bears are leaving their icy homes in search of food and shelter on land.

5 strange facts about polar bears

The ice-dwelling mammals have something in common with President Barack Obama: A touch of Irish ancestry

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Gamera, a 12-year-old tortoise who lost his front leg, moves about quite capably thanks to a wheel supplied by a neighborhood hardware store.

The tortoise who can 'walk-and-roll'

After his front leg is amputated, a young tortoise gets a little help from a local hardware store

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