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Mexican Barbie

'Mexican Barbie' and 10 other controversial Barbies [Updated]

Mattel's latest lightning rod comes with a Chihuahua and a pink passport. And then there's Pregnant Barbie, Oreo Fun Barbie, and more

Parenting Controversies : Lifestyle
U.S. fertility rates continue to decrease — and now sit well below the level of population replacement.

Is having kids now a 'social failure'?

If you look at the socioeconomic scale, argues The Weekly Standard's Jonathan V. Last, the people with the least amount of education and the lowest income have the most babies

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
An embryologist prepares cultures in a lab.

The sperm donor who might be forced to pay child support

A Kansas man may have to pony up thousands of dollars to the state for giving another couple the gift of life

Parenting Controversies : Lifestyle
Lexxa Ridley strikes the classic car-babe pose in a photo posted on her Dad's eBay listing for his 1977 Datsun.

The top 8 parenting controversies of 2012

Sexy photos, ugly babies, free condoms at middle school — parents had plenty to argue about this year

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
Since 2000 more than 200 children have been killed by falling TV sets.

The shocking number of deaths caused by falling TVs

Last year, 41 people — mostly children — were killed when television sets fell on them. Here's what you can do to avoid tragedy

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A new study found women without children are four times more likely to die prematurely.

The secret to a longer life: Having kids?

Child-rearing is stressful business, but a large new Danish study suggests that breeding can add years to your life

Parenting Controversies : Photos
Lexxa Ridley leans suggestively into the hood of her father's Datsun in a photo used to sell the aging car on eBay.

The Oregon dad who used his scantily clad daughter to sell his Datsun

The old adage "sex sells" gets a strange, uncomfortable twist

Parenting Controversies : Analysis
In a letter to his grown children, a British father signs off, "I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed. Dad."

The viral email from the most disappointed father on earth

"It is obvious," a British father writes his grown children, "that none of you has the faintest notion of the bitter disappointment each of you has in your own way dished out to us"

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
A 7-year-old Oregon girl takes medical marijuana in pill form to help combat the effects of her chemotherapy.

Should a 7-year-old cancer patient be treated with medical marijuana?

Mykayla Comstock's leukemia is in remission, and her mother thinks it's the cannabis that's saving her daughter

Parenting Controversies : Controversy
34 percent of teen boys and 20 percent of teen girls who were queried in a recent study admitted to using protein products to bulk up.

Is it safe for teens to guzzle protein shakes?

A surprising 34 percent of teen boys have used protein powders and shakes in the past year, says a new survey — amid concerns about muscle-building supplements

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
Women may some day be able use their stem cells to create "pseudo-sperm" that would fertilize an egg, creating an embryo, all without the help of a man.

Coming soon: Making babies... without sperm?

In a new book, Like a Virgin: How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex, a biologist outlines the concept of the "ultimate solo parent" of the future

Parenting Controversies : Lifestyle
A Chinese man was so offended by his newborn's looks that he sued his wife... and won.

The man who sued his wife for birthing an ugly baby [Updated]

Apparently in China, bad genes are grounds for divorce — and six-figure fines

Parenting Controversies : Analysis
While we're not likely going to see hirsute five-year-olds who need a shave, researchers say boys are hitting puberty as early as 9 and 10 years of age.

The puzzling case of boys who are hitting puberty earlier

Start prepping that "birds and bees" chat — according to a new study, U.S. males are starting puberty two years younger than the previous national average age

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
A baby's cry triggers innate brain activity in parents and non-parents alike.

Why it's impossible to ignore the sound of a crying baby

Oxford University researchers find that people are pre-wired to respond to a child's distress signal — no matter what

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
The new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is looking to her friends and family members to help choose her new baby boy's name.

Yahoo's CEO crowdsources for a baby name: A hot new parenting trend?

Marissa Mayer, who just delivered her first child, is taking digital group-think to a whole new — personal — level

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Marissa Mayer at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 on May 22 in New York City: Mayer just gave birth to her first child, and is taking a maternity leave of just a week or so before returning to Yahoo.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer: The debate over her brief maternity leave

Yahoo's recently minted boss just gave birth to her first child, but boiling under the huzzahs is a heated fight over her decision to take a shortened after-birth break

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