Parenting Controversies : By the numbers
For worry-plagued parents, there are wristband GPS tracking devices and other monitoring systems that may help alleviate fears of some ill befalling their children.

The child-monitoring industry: By the numbers

There seems to be a high-tech device to help moms and dads deal with just about every fear they have

Parenting Controversies : Best Video
Taking the presumed benefits of "early-start" education to an extreme: A Chinese couple encourage their toddler to drive a car down busy streets while she gurgles to herself.

A toddler driving through traffic: The 'shocking' video

A Chinese preschooler weaves along a four-lane highway — as filmed by her strangely indulgent parents from the backseat

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
Everyone knows that being a parent can be stressful, and now new research says that a parent's stress level can actually affect a child's genetic makeup.

Can parental stress change kids' DNA?

A new study suggests that anxiety-plagued parents have an unexpected effect on their kids' biological makeup

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Pediatricians say boxing is too dangerous for young brains and bodies, but advocates say the sport isn't all about blows to the head.

Time to ban kids' boxing?

The divisive sport takes a blow from pediatricians. But will prohibiting it do more harm than good?

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
A government child care program in Illinois has reportedly allowed convicted felons to babysit children, though there's no evidence yet that any kids have been harmed.

Illinois child care scandal: Convicted rapists paid to babysit?

A government program that helps low-income parents pay for child care has done a terrible job of vetting babysitters, reports the Chicago Tribune  

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
Children whose parents are divorced are more likely to drink excessively as young adults, according to a new study.

Can divorce help turn kids into binge drinkers?

A new study shows a strong correlation between messy divorces and reckless teen behavior

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
The Bates family, all 20 of them, are gunning for the title of biggest family in America... praying for more children to expand their brood.

Is having 19 kids 'abusive'?

The Bates household in Tennessee is already packed, and now baby number 19 is on the way. Is that unfair to the other 18 children?

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
The traditional Chinese method of preparing placenta is to steam it with ginger, lemon and a jalapeno pepper, then chop it, dehydrate it, and ground it into powder.

Eating your own placenta: A ridiculous fad?

More and more mothers are reportedly chowing down on their afterbirth. They claim it has a variety of health benefits — while others say it's just gross

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
The children of mothers who suffer from postpartum depression have enlarged amygdalas and extra stress hormones, according to a new study.

Depressed moms: The surprising effect on their children's brains

A new study reveals that kids whose mothers suffer from postpartum depression have brains that resemble those of orphans

Parenting Controversies : Controversy
A controversial theory proposes that autism may be more prevalent in communities where a significant portion of the population shares similar tendencies, like expert math and science skills.

Is "assortative mating" to blame for the rise of autism?

Could places like Silicon Valley be breeding a whole generation of kids with autism or Asperger's syndrome?

Parenting Controversies : Analysis
Time spent on the internet actually boosts teenagers' empathy toward others in real life.

Is the internet making teens nicer?

Contrary to popular belief, and previous research, some scientists say all that time on Facebook might be making us better people

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
Following an awareness trend about the potentials for postpartum depression, the UNC hospital in Chapel Hill opens its first clinic devoted entirely to the disorder.

America's first postpartum depression clinic: An instant guide

A devastating condition, postpartum depression requires the kind of specialized treatment this new clinic offers. Will other medical centers follow their lead?

Parenting Controversies : Best Video
One Alabama man expresses dismay and shock after he's told that he actually hasn't won coveted Iron Bowl tickets -- but instead is being arrested on unpaid child support charges.

Operation Iron Snare: Alabama's 'sleazy' trick to catch deadbeat dads

One sheriff's elaborate ruse inadvertently turns wanted suspects into sympathetic characters

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Model Linda Evangelista claims her son (pictured here in 2009) needs $46,000 per month, which includes funds for security, nannies, and a vacation stipend.

The 4-year-old who spends $46,000 a month

Supermodel Linda Evangelista is requesting an eye-popping amount in child support for her son. Does any pre-schooler need that much "support"?

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
A group of Florida moms toast to another Friday with a glass of wine while their kids play nearby.

Drinking during playdates: Bad parenting?

Many moms think it's healthy and liberating to knock a couple back with friends while the kids jump on the trampoline

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
A nurse checks on a baby born in 1991 to a woman addicted to crack: Prescription-drug-addicted newborns may be the new "crack babies," researchers say.

The new crack babies: Blame prescription drugs?

Legal prescription drugs have become a troubling addiction for pregnant women — and their children are paying the price

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