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How do babies learn? It may be correlated to the way in which they are conceived, according to a new study.

Do unplanned children struggle in school?

New research highlights an achievement gap between children who were unplanned and those who were born after IVF or planned pregnancies

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
A general health test administered to a baby moments after birth may help predict the child's future success in school, according to new research.

Can a test for newborns predict school success?

The generations-old Apgar test scores an infant's health, but some are wondering if it can also determine academic success in later life

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
While the U.S. only issues exercise guidelines for children over 6, the British government is targeting preschoolers.

Do babies really need 3 hours of exercise a day?

In a new campaign against obesity, the British government urges parents to unstrap kids from their strollers and let them work up a (mild) sweat

Parenting Controversies : The List
A home birth in 1998, when the practice was on the decline: Since 2004, home births have become increasingly more popular.

The 'astounding' rise of home births: 5 theories

From 2004 to 2008, the number of American moms giving birth at home increased dramatically. Why?

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Kids are "inferior goods" because as parents' incomes increase, they want fewer children, say some economists.

Are children really 'inferior goods'?

An economist says they are, since the more money we have, the fewer kids we want

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Indian families typically prefer sons to daughters, partly because sons don't require parents to cough up dowries of up to $100,000.

India's 'shocking' child sex-change epidemic

Parents in the world's largest democracy are reportedly paying surgeons $3,200 to turn their young daughters into young sons. What's behind this "social madness"?

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
A preschool in Sweden (not pictured) is trying to stave off gender stereotypes by grouping Legos and baking toys together, and banning gender pronouns.

Sweden's 'confusing' gender-neutral preschool

There are no boys and girls at a new school in Stockholm, just "friends." Is this the cutting edge of gender equality, or just "silly"?

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Adam Mansbach's profane, not-for-children children's book has taken the parenting world by storm, leading critics to debate the state of modern parenting.

What Go the F*ck to Sleep's success says about parents: 4 theories

The bedtime-story parody is packed with profanity — and it's a runaway hit with frustrated parents. Why has it struck such a chord?

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Spanking a child has been a debatable disciplinary measure for years, but one Texas court has taken punishment to a new level, sentencing a mother to five years probation for her spanking.

Spank your kid, get 5 years probation?

A Texas mom is slapped with an "egregious" punishment after swatting her 2-year-old — outraging many parents

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
"Oh, aren't you a talented messy eater!" Parents who over-praise their kids and protect them from all criticisms are coming under fire.

Best way to screw up your kids: A 'perfect' childhood?

Protecting your children from life's hard knocks may send them straight to the therapist's couch, argues Lori Gottlieb in The Atlantic  

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
The "dadchelor," a new trend in milestone parties, target fathers-to-be who are saying goodbye to the (relative) freedom of a childless marriage.

The 'booze-soaked' 'dadchelor' party craze

Many expectant fathers are having bachelor-party-like bashes before their baby comes. A guide to dad debauchery

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Stay-at-home dads reportedly log fewer than 60 hours per week in child care, while stay-at-home moms say they log an average of 96 hours per week.

Are stay-at-home dads relatively worthless?

A new survey suggests that full-time moms do twice as much parenting work as their male counterparts — and are therefore twice as valuable

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Is this really a physical activity toddlers should be getting into? One U.K. dance studio says it's just another gym class.

Pole dancing... for toddlers?

A dance studio in England is offering pole-dancing classes for children as young as 3, inciting an outcry — and calls for government intervention

Parenting Controversies : By the numbers
A tiny baby will cost you big bucks by the time he or she graduates high school: About $226,920 for a middle-income family, according to a new report.

The 'depressing' cost of raising a child: By the numbers

Ballooning bills for medical care and education mean you will spend more on your kids than your parents spent on you... a lot more

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Dale Price dressed as a pirate to wave goodbye to his 16-year-old son on the last day of school.

World's most embarrassing dad?

Sure, most teenagers are embarrassed by their parents. But one compulsively costumed Utah dad is out to prove he's the master of mortification

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Most children are 5 when they enter kindergarten, but in Connecticut, a child can start at age 4.

Is 4 years old too young for kindergarten?

Connecticut is one of the few states that still allows 4-year-olds to start elementary school, but that may change soon

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