Aging in America : Best Video
"Ha! Did I get 'em?"

WATCH: 6 crazy-adorable grandparent reactions to things young people like [Updated]

A 90-year-old grandma takes virtual reality for a spin, an 84-year-old plays Call of Duty for the first time, and more

Aging in America : In-depth briefing
Demonstrators, including many senior citizens, protest against cuts to federal safety net programs.

Medicare and Social Security: Fixing the safety net

As baby boomers retire and health costs soar, Medicare and Social Security are devouring the federal budget

Aging in America : Instant Guide
This quaint little getaway is a veritable nursing home for one, packed with all kinds of high-tech health tools.

'Granny pods': The future of elderly living?

A Virginia pastor thinks he has the perfect solution for the growing legions of independent-minded boomers too old to live on their own

Aging in America : Fact Sheet

Are bald people more likely to get heart disease?

An expansive 35-year study finds a link between hair loss and cardiovascular problems

Aging in America : Instant Guide
People who regularly incorporate even mild exercise into their lives may be less prone to brain shrinkage than the more sedentary among us.

Is exercise better for your brain than crossword puzzles?

Going for a walk could be the key to staying sharp well into old age

Aging in America : Burning Question
It's not too late to hop back on that Harley...

Is 72 the new 30?

Humans are living longer than ever before because of advancements in medicine and sanitation

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Scientists have long known that the caffeine in coffee helps prevent the build-up of brain-clogging plaque, but new research explains exactly how.

How coffee keeps Alzheimer's at bay

New research helps scientists understand exactly how caffeine stops the build-up of degeneration-causing brain plaque

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Researchers from Sweden studying the effects of aspirin and brain function in elderly women found evidence suggesting that the popular medication may help impede cognitive decline.

Aging: Can aspirin really help slow brain decline?

The anti-inflammatory medicine may just help keep the brain's gears turning

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Got a Halloween birthday? That may help you live to the ripe old age of 100, according to a new study.

Do people with fall birthdays live longer?

A new study of centenarians born in the 1800s finds that people born in September, October, or November were more likely to reach the age of 100

Aging in America : Analysis
Instead of taking multiple daily pills to ease the aging process, the Polypill combines four medicines that keep the heart strong.

Polypill: The magic pill that could add 11 years to your life

A new four-in-one cocktail of cardiovascular medications could help prevent heart attacks and stroke in adults over the age of 50

Aging in America : Essay
Dementia affects more than 5 million people in the U.S., and by 2050, more than 15 million people will suffer from the debilitating disease.

Dementia: The ending no one wants

My mother is trapped in a broken body and demented mind, says Michael Wolff. Is it cruel to keep her alive?

Aging in America : Burning Question
Older ladies in the 1960s: As we reach an elderly age, both men and women begin to smell more like females, say researchers.

Do old people really smell different?

A new study tackles the age old question of whether grandparents' houses actually have their own aroma

Aging in America : Forecast
A woman at an Alzheimer's residence gets help with dinner: A drug called Crenezumab, which could slow the onset of the disease, is undergoing a massive $100 million trial.

The experimental drug that could prevent Alzheimer's: A guide

A massive $100 million study is underway to test Crenezumab, an injection which just might change the way we approach the brain disease

Aging in America : Fact Sheet
After listening to some of his favorite music, 92-year-old dementia patient Henry Dryer is momentarily restored to his former self.

How music improves the memory of dementia patients

Millions of elderly Americans suffer from Alzheimer's. And listening to tunes from their salad days could help them unearth old memories — and make new ones

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Getting Grandma into the popular online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" may improve her cognitive functioning.

Can playing World of Warcraft sharpen old people's brains?

It turns out that one way to help keep Grandma's mind fresh might be getting her to battle dragons online

Aging in America : The List
Sage advice from those who have lived: Marry your pal and don't let the dark moments get you down.

8 lessons for living a full life

We have much to learn, says Karl Pillemer, from people who have led long, happy lives

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