Aging in America : Essay
Life expectancy in the United States is 81 years for women and 76 years for men.

The last word: The secret to living past 100

"World's oldest siblings" offer researchers a clue. Could their genetic advantages be replicable in others?

Aging in America : The List
Increased happiness is just one unexpected plus of aging.

5 surprising new facts about aging

At what age are you happiest? How does drinking soda affect your longevity? A list of five revelations about getting older

Aging in America : Fact Sheet
Researchers have discovered that even living through a depression can increase longevity.

9 surprising things that help you live longer

Working near plants, moving to Greece, winning a Nobel Prize, and other strange ways to extend your life expectancy

Aging in America : Opinion Brief
The program made it to 75, but is it time for a facelift now?

Happy birthday, Social Security. Now, time for reform?

The pioneering social program turns 75 this week. Is it a good time to think about restructuring it? 

Aging in America : Instant Guide
Is there a genetic basis to longevity?

A new genetic test: Will you live to be 100?

A new study shows that certain genes explain why some people live to 100 or more, even if they don't lead "model" healthy lifestyles — and a test is now available to the public

Aging in America : Opinion Brief
Has Social Security gone bust for aging Americans?

Is Social Security doomed?

Social Security will pay out more than it takes in this year — a tipping point that wasn't expected for six years. What does this mean for retirees, and the federal government?

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