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Hurricane Sandy : Best Video
"If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics," says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, "then you don't know me."

WATCH: Chris Christie slams the GOP over Sandy aid

"There is only one group to blame: The House majority and their speaker, John Boehner"

Hurricane Sandy : Best Video
"It is is disgraceful. It even makes it worse being a Republican," said Rep. Peter King R-NY), who represents part of Long Island hit hard by Sandy.

WATCH: Rep. Peter King's epic tirade against the GOP over Sandy relief [Updated]

"Turning your back on people who are starving and freezing is not a Republican value"

Hurricane Sandy : Analysis
A man searches through the remains of his home on Dec. 4 in Breezy Point, Queens, N.Y., a neighborhood hit hard by Sandy.

Why the GOP is slowing aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy

House Republicans say President Obama's $60 billion aid package is too generous

Hurricane Sandy : In-depth briefing
A roller coaster destroyed by superstorm Sandy in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

After Hurricane Sandy: Is flood insurance bad for taxpayers?

As bills mount for the superstorm, there are growing doubts about the wisdom of National Flood Insurance

Hurricane Sandy : Best Video
From their still-powerless home in Long Island, N.Y., sisters Lianna and Jillian Perota sing about their post-Sandy ordeal.

'We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Our Power': The clever Taylor Swift-Sandy parody

Two Long Island sisters try to turn their powerless post-superstorm situation around in song

Hurricane Sandy : In-depth briefing
A woman walks on the beach in Mantokloking, N.J., near homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy's lessons: How America can protect its coasts

The superstorm's devastation has awakened urgent interest in protecting populated coasts. Is it really possible?

Hurricane Sandy : Instant Guide
Volunteers unload water at an aid distribution center at the Long Beach Ice Arena in New York on Nov. 4. 

Occupy Sandy: How Hurricane Sandy resurrected the Occupy movement

Their group has been written off as largely ineffective, but in the wake of Sandy, Occupiers have mobilized in the hardest-hit areas of New York City

Hurricane Sandy : Analysis
National Guard troops deliver food to the Red Hook public housing projects in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on Nov. 3. The low-income apartment building remains without power or water five days after Superstorm Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy: New York's 'massive, massive housing problem'

As many as 40,000 New Yorkers need a new place to stay, and the city doesn't have a lot of housing to spare

Hurricane Sandy : Fact Sheet
A Con Edison worker walks through the flood waters in front of NYU Langone Medical Center during Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29.

How Hurricane Sandy destroyed years of medical research

Mice and other specimens were lost when a New York lab flooded and lost power, potentially setting back crucial studies for years

Hurricane Sandy : Instant Guide
Hurricane Sandy's floodwaters rush into the Carey Tunnel (previously the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel) in New York City on Oct. 29: Is another monster storm on the way?

After Sandy: Is another storm coming?

Meteorologists say a wintry nor'easter could soon tear through areas that are still just getting back on their feet

Hurricane Sandy : Burning Question
A rat wanders the subway tracks at Union Square: New Yorkers may be in for a "ratpocalypse" after the rodents' subterranean homes were flooded by Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy's aftermath: Will rats take over Manhattan?

The subterranean rodents saw their homes flooded with water, too. And they can swim

Hurricane Sandy : The List
The Ambassador theater in Times Square, closed on Oct. 30: Broadway and off-Broadway shows faced at least three days of cancelations due to Sandy.

6 ways Hurricane Sandy affected the entertainment world

From compromised film debuts and television episodes to canceled live concerts and Broadway shows, the entertainment industry is feeling the storm's effects

Hurricane Sandy : The Bullpen
William Falk

William Falk: Hurricane Sandy: A letter from The Week's editor

As the storm overtook New York City, our editors scrambled to produce a magazine

Hurricane Sandy : Slideshow
Hurricane Sandy's wrath: 11 shocking images

Hurricane Sandy's devastating wrath: 11 shocking, heartbreaking images

The monster storm submerged subway stations, decimated beloved boardwalks, and left many Americans on the brink of despair

Hurricane Sandy : Best Video
A view from Northside Piers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, shows Manhattan just after the power went out Monday night.

WATCH: A timelapse video of Hurricane Sandy's terrifying descent on New York

A camera mounted on Brooklyn's Northside Piers captures the Manhattan skyline as Frankenstorm barrels through the city

Hurricane Sandy : Burning Question
A wave crashes against the shore in Montauk, N.Y., as Hurricane Sandy made her way up the East Coast on Oct. 29.

Hurricane Sandy: Is climate change to blame?

Sandy is the second big storm to rip through the East Coast in two years, but scientists say we can't call it a trend, nor can we blame it solely on global warming

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