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Hurricane Sandy : Fact Sheet
New Yorkers stock up on Hurricane essentials, including matches, extra batteries, and a flashlight on Oct. 28.

How to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy: 7 tips

The perfect storm is barreling down on the Northeast. What can you do to protect yourself, your family, and your home?

Hurricane Sandy : First Reactions
A man walks past a barricaded subway entrance in lower Manhattan as Hurricane Sandy approaches on Oct. 29.

Hurricane Sandy: Photos and first-hand accounts from across the Northeast

As the devastating Frankenstorm roars toward New York City, residents in the storm's path chronicle the destruction

Hurricane Sandy : Opinion Brief
President Obama canceled campaign events Monday, and will monitor Hurricane Sandy from Washington, D.C.

Hurricane Sandy: Does it help President Obama politically?

The deadly storm has upended the presidential race — and given the incumbent a potential advantage just a week before Election Day

Hurricane Sandy : Interactive
People walk across Beach Avenue in Cape May, N.J., as flood waters from Hurricane Sandy rush in on Oct. 29. See an interactive map of the storm below.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Follow Hurricane Sandy's progress in real time

The deadly Frankenstorm has America's East Coast in its sights

Hurricane Sandy : Live Feed
A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy as it churns up the East Coast on Oct. 29.

WATCH LIVE: The Weather Channel's Hurricane Sandy coverage

Get the latest details on the deadly Frankenstorm barreling down on the East Coast

Natural Disasters : Flashback
During a 1938 category 3 hurricane that hit New England, cities across the region were engulfed in storm surge.

The last 'Frankenstorm': Video of the 1938 nor'easter that ravaged New England

Historic footage of a deadly storm offers clues about what to expect from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy : Analysis
High winds blow sea foam onto Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head, N.C., on Sunday, as wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy move into the area. Governors from North Carolina to Connecticut have declared states of emergency.

Hurricane Sandy: 4 ways the huge 'Frankenstorm' is hammering America

The freakish, massive nor'easter is real, and unlike last year's Hurricane Irene, it could actually be the storm of the century

Hurricane Sandy : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on Hurricane Sandy

Real-time, unfiltered commentary from the world at large

Hurricane Sandy : The List
A woman walks along a jetty in Ponce Inlet, Fla., on Oct. 26: Hurricane Sandy and the oncoming Frankenstorm may be the election's real October surprise.

5 ways Hurricane Sandy could impact the presidential race

The scary Frankenstorm rushing toward the East Coast could upend the carefully laid campaign plans of President Obama and Mitt Romney

Hurricane Sandy : Instant Guide
A detailed infrared image of Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 25: The late-season storm is expected to combine with a polar air mass next week.

Frankenstorm: What we know about Hurricane Sandy

The storm churning toward the northeastern U.S. could clash with wintry blasts from the west and Canada to create a "perfect storm." How bad could it get?

Natural Disasters : In-depth briefing
A firefighter walks away after setting a backburn in an attempt to control a raging wildfire in Nutrioso, Ariz., on June 10: Already this year, nearly 13,000 square miles of land — an area larger than Massachusetts — has been burned by wildfires. 

America's war on wildfires

Tens of thousands of wildfires ravaged extensive areas of the country this summer. Is this the new normal?

Natural Disasters : Fact Sheet
A man stands in front of an uprooted oak tree on Louisiana Avenue as Hurricane Isaac makes landfall in New Orleans on Aug. 29.

Hurricane Isaac's wrath: Assessing the damage

The much-feared hurricane is far from the second coming of Katrina, but it's still rattling the storm-weary Gulf Coast

Natural Disasters : Instant Guide
A Louisiana resident rests on his cot in a Belle Chasse hurricane shelter Aug. 27: Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit the Gulf Coast as a Category 2 hurricane.

Will Hurricane Isaac rival Katrina?

The storm veers away from Tampa's Republican convention, but now it's on a path to hit New Orleans — on the seventh anniversary of another deadly hurricane

Natural Disasters : Slideshow

The raging Colorado wildfires: A slideshow

Firefighters are finally gaining the edge on the state's worst wildfires. Here, a look at the devastation, and the struggle to get out of harm's way

Natural Disasters : The List
Ridgeway, Ill., residents look over the remains of the 110-year-old St. Joseph's Catholic Church after tornadoes ripped through the South and Midwest last week.

The Midwest's deadly tornadoes: 5 miraculous stories

A mother who sacrificed a leg to save her children. A man whose dog survived grim odds. An elderly couple who found a most unlikely shelter... and more

Natural Disasters : Best Video
A park ranger on guard at the Washington Monument in August clutches her chair and looks skyward as the 5.8-magnitude earthquake shakes the obelisk.

The 'terrifying' earthquake footage from inside the Washington Monument

Security cameras on the obelisk's observation deck reveal falling debris and a group of frightened visitors running for safety

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