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This illustration depicts how the hedgehog rover would work.

Meet the spiky hedgehog rover that will bounce around Mars' moon

The next-generation space robot bears a striking resemblance to a medieval torture device

Robots : Best Video
WATCH: The paralyzed woman who moved a robotic arm with her mind

WATCH: The paralyzed woman who moved a robotic arm with her mind

Jan Sheuermann can't move her arms or legs. She can, however, feed herself

Robots : Instant Guide

Meet Kenshiro: Japan's creepy boy robot with an aluminum skeleton and 160 muscles

Watch the most realistic humanoid machine in action

Robots : Essay
EveR-1: Humanoid robot.

Falling in love with a bot

When robots look like people or pets, it's hard not to develop feelings for them

Robots : Best Video
This Milli-Motein can bend, twist, elongate, and combine with any number of other links to turn into nearly any shape you can imagine.

The tiny transforming robot that can turn into (almost) anything

The Milli-Motein promises a future in which your bike could turn itself into a snowboard

Robots : Analysis
Researchers have developed a robot that learns from humans how to play ping-pong — then dominates on the table.

The robot that learns to beat you at ping-pong

Researchers have created a robotic arm that figures out how to return difficult shots just by competing against human opponents

Robots : Opinion Brief
Pet-Proto, the military's human-like robot, navigates a pit of potential danger in an obstacle course.

Pet-Proto: The U.S. military's clumsy humanoid rescue robot

DARPA wants its next generation of machines to run, jump, and climb like ninjas, but they're not quite there yet

Robots : Best Video
Thermite is a miniature tank capable of pumping out 500 gallons of water per minute to help fight fires.

Meet Thermite: The firefighting robot of the future

A machine originally designed for the Army is being repackaged as a tough-as-nails, risk-taking firefighter

Robots : Slideshow
10 robots inspired by animals: A slideshow [Updated]

10 robots inspired by animals: A slideshow [Updated]

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, thanks in no small part to the influence of Mother Nature

Robots : Burning Question
Researchers attached a tiny, electronic "backpack" to this Madagascar hissing cockroach, enabling them to control its movements.

Cockroaches controlled by remote control: A search-and-rescue breakthrough?

Researchers have discovered a way to steer living, breathing bugs using a cheap circuit they can glue onto the pests' backs

Robots : Best Video
While DARPA's cheetah-inspired robot outpaced the fastest man on earth (Usain Bolt), running 28.3 mph on a treadmill, it is still not as swift as the real cat which reaches speeds of 60 mph.

The Pentagon's robo-cheetah: Now faster than Usain Bolt

DARPA's cat-like robot set a new benchmark when it topped out at 28.3 miles per hour — then promptly faceplanted

Robots : Opinion Brief
Sync Shimi up to your Android or iPhone, clap a beat, and Shimi will find a corresponding song in your library and play it.

Shimi: The incredible dancing DJ robot

The boogying speaker dock is designed to change the way you listen to music. Is it cool enough to succeed?

Robots : Opinion Brief
The Last Moment Robot is equipped to caress the arm of a dying person in lieu of actual friends or family.

The 'Last Moment Robot' that comforts patients dying alone

An artist designs a machine to help the lonely through their last moments — raising questions about the need for human intimacy in an increasingly technological world

Robots : Opinion Brief
"Joggotbot" is a four-motored helicopter drone that flies a few yards ahead of a runner and keeps the pace.

'Joggobot': The robotic jogging companion

A research team transforms a helicopter drone into a faithful contraption that might make your exercise buddy obsolete

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Snakebots are controlled by a tethered remote and use advanced tiny tools to go where human hands cannot.

The tiny snakebots that perform heart surgery

A new breed of surgical robots squirm their way through your anatomy to go where human hands can't fit

Robots : Opinion Brief
Kids do it, prisoners do it, wedding guests do it, so why not robots? Perhaps that was the thinking of MIT researchers who programmed these bots to do Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance.

The amazing robots that do the 'Thriller' dance in sync

Scientists borrow a technique from bacteria to teach a group of robots to dance in unison, and even join back in when they get knocked out of step

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