Robots : Opinion Brief
It may not be as animated as Rosie from "The Jetsons," but a newly designed housecleaning robot can pick up clutter and put it in its rightful place.

A robo-housekeeper: The secret to advanced tidiness?

Cornell researchers successfully configure a robot to clean up messy rooms. But Rosie from The Jetsons, this bot isn't

Robots : Fact Sheet
Claire Lomas crosses the finish line of the London Marathon on May 8: Lomas was one of 36,000 runners in the race, but the only one who is paralyzed.

The paralyzed marathoner with an incredible robot suit

After 16 days and 55,000 steps, a British woman paralyzed from the chest down crosses the London Marathon finish line... with a little bionic help

Robots : Analysis
Women solicit customers in Amsterdam's Red Light District: The Dutch city's legal sex industry might want to consider robot prostitutes to reduce disease, researchers argue.

Why the world might need robotic prostitutes

Sex with a machine might not be so bad, say researchers, especially as an alternative to human trafficking and the resulting spread of sexually transmitted infections

Robots : Instant Guide
A robotic guard patrols the halls of a prison in Pohang, South Korea: The robots will help relieve overworked prison guards, and hopefully reduce labor costs.

South Korea's mood-sensing robotic prison guards

In the overcrowded prisons of Pohang, jail officials will soon have an unlikely watchdog to help patrol corridors

Robots : Opinion Brief
The eerily realistic Geminoid F can make more than 60 facial expressions... and can be yours for just $110,000.

Geminoid F: The creepily lifelike singing fem-bot

The world's most realistic female android makes her public debut in a Hong Kong shopping mall. Just wait 'till you hear her croon

Robots : Best Video
Robojelly moves through a water-filled tank: This in-development machine could one day be used for underwater search-and-rescue operations.

'Robojelly': The underwater robot that powers itself with seawater

A new bio-inspired 'bot uses synthetic muscles to glide through the water like a jellyfish

Robots : Best Video
Yusaf Akturkoglu, whose lower body is paralyzed, uses the Tek RMD robotic wheelchair to stand up.

The 'amazing' robotic wheelchair that lets paraplegics stand tall

Scientists unveil a device that helps paralyzed riders navigate small spaces and reach the top of supermarket shelves

Robots : Opinion Brief
This robo-cheetah was just clocked at 18 mph, easily beating the previous legged robot record of 13.1 mph.

The Pentagon's 'freakily fast' robo-cheetah

A galloping robot set a new speed record for multi-legged machines — clocking in at 18 mph

Robots : Instant Guide
Harvard scientists have made complex bio-machines out of "DNA origami" that could help target cancer cells.

The 'DNA robots' that hunt cancer cells

Harvard scientists invent a novel method of eliminating invasive tumors, employing nano-sized machines fashioned after white blood cells

Robots : Opinion Brief
Mini-helicopter robots fly in formation: Researchers hope these machines could one day serve as surveillance bots.

The mini flying robots that swarm like 'a 1980s arcade game'

A squadron of 16 quadcopters perform an array of advanced maneuvers, from stopping on a dime to picture-perfect figure-eights

Robots : Instant Guide
James, the robot, layers condiments, meat, and cheese between toasted pieces of bread after being given the simple command: "Make me a sandwich."

The 'awesome' kitchen robots that prepare sandwiches

That "Jetsons" future is coming: A team of German robots is demonstrating unprecedented culinary skill

Robots : Opinion Brief
A robotic helicopter bee places a polystyrene brick onto a 20-foot tower being constructed by four robots at an exhibit in France.

The flying robots that build brick towers

The Swiss prove that a swarm of flying bee-like robots can build a 20-foot-high structure. What about a 2,000-foot skyscraper?

Robots : Instant Guide
This soft-bodied robot, inspired by the ocean's invertebrates, moves by air that is pumped into its little body.

The 'Gumby-like' robot that moves like a squid

What good is a rubbery machine that can crawl through tiny cracks and crevices? Plenty good, say researchers

Robots : Instant Guide
A prison-guard robot prototype that is being tested in South Korean to help reduce the work loads of human guards.

South Korea's 'humane and friendly' robotic prison guards

Terminators? Nope. A prison in the city of Pohang is rolling out a line of patrol bots with cheerful faces

Robots : Tech
A man tests a robotic polar bear pillow that gently tickles the face of a snoring sleeper so he'll turn over and breathe normally.

A robotic polar bear pillow that fights snoring

Tickles from the new Jukusui-kun pillow might help noisy sleepers adopt more normal nighttime breathing habits

Robots : Best Video
Mask-Bot projects a human face onto a robot, a technology that might be used to keep lonely elderly people company.

Mask-Bot: The 'creepy' robot with a human face

A new machine uses 'facial emotion data' and 3-D images of people to express itself through blinks, smirks, and raised eyebrows

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