Robots : Best Video
Petman can run, walk, squat, lunge, and pump out push-ups: Scientists are quite eager to put the robot to work for the military.

'Petman': A 'Terminator-esque' humanoid robot

The military hires an agile new android that can jog for miles and crank out push-ups. Judgment Day, here we come?

Robots : Instant Guide
In this robotic flytrap prototype, the insides of the "leaves" are coated in gold electrodes that are triggered when a bug lands on them.

The 'alarming' robotic Venus flytrap

An engineer from the University of Maine creates a mechanized version of everyone's favorite carnivore plant. How does it work?

Robots : Opinion Brief
These cockroach-like robots are outfitted with wings to help them traverse uneven terrain and land on their feet when descending from great heights.

The 'creepy' cockroach robots that could find earthquake survivors

Are swarming mechanical roaches the future of search and rescue?

Robots : Instant Guide
Rhesus monkeys were used in an experiment that could help quadriplegics feel... with their brains.

The 'fantastical' exoskeleton that could help patients walk again

A breakthrough study involving monkeys could one day help quadriplegics move and feel again. Here's a quick guide

Robots : Forecast
Robots have long been taking over manufacturing and other blue-collar jobs, but some say white-collar workers may be next to lose out to a machine.

Will robots steal white-collar jobs next?

Blue-collar America has been dealing with competition from automated manufacturing for decades. Are doctors, lawyers, and CEOs next on the block?

Robots : Opinion Brief
Filmmaker Rob Spence points to his right eye, which is actually a battery-operated video camera that can be taken in and out of his eye socket.

'Eyeborg': The man with a robotic video-camera eye

Filmmaker Rob Spence believes his custom-made prosthetic eyeball represents the future of humanity

Robots : Best Video
This group of robots turn "even the most mundane tasks into espionage thrillers."

The 'eerie' swarm of robots that talk to each other

Is this the future of robotic intelligence? And will they play nice?

Robots : Opinion Brief
This robot can not only chat with its robot buddies via the internet, but can conquer new challenges by itself.

The robot that can think on its own

Japanese scientists have created a robot that can complete tasks beyond the scope of its programming. How long before such machines outwit us?

Robots : Opinion Brief
A robot kicks a soccer ball during the final match of the Adult Size League of RoboCup 2011.

The 'riveting' Robot World Cup

While they can't perform like the U.S. women's team, these machines can play an entertaining game of soccer

Robots : Opinion Brief
It's a beer can. It's a robot. It's aââ¬Â¦ CanBot. This homemade prototype that hails from Japan may be the most cleverly geeky way to freak out your beer-guzzling buddies.

The 'diabolical' beer can that's secretly a robot

A Japanese hobbyist creates the ultimate party trick (or foul): A beer can able to walk away from thirsty revelers

Robots : Opinion Brief
Meet Luna, a new robot marketed as an automated dog walker.

Luna: Do we really need a dog-walking robot?

A California company unveils a 5-foot-tall humanoid robot that could help out around the house and, possibly, walk your dog

Robots : Opinion Brief
The ARTAS system will cure baldness! But first it needs to pluck out chunks of scalp skin to harvest what hair is there.

The robot that can reverse baldness

The FDA gives the nod to a machine that plucks bits of flesh off bald heads, helping doctors perform hair transplants. Is this better than Rogaine?

Robots : Best Column
A mechanical reproduction of a human face capable of expressing human emotions: People's faith in technology as a promise of immortality verges on evangelical, says Robert Geraci in Religion Dispatches.

Robotics: The new religion?

Futurists talk about the "Singularity" almost mystically, says Robert Geraci in Religion Dispatches — and scientists' promises of robotic salvation may one day rival traditional faiths

Robots : Opinion Brief
A young autistic boy plays with Kaspar, a robot whose simplified, repetitive movements helps autistic kids decipher facial expressions.

The friendly robot for autistic kids

Kaspar the robot teaches autistic children about emotions and physical contact — and even plays Nintendo Wii with them

Robots : Opinion Brief
This machine could eliminate the need for humans to actually cook Chinese food, say its Japanese inventors.

The robot that could replace Chinese chefs

Tired of shaking that heavy wok to make your stir fry? Let a machine called Robo-Chef prepare that Chinese dish for you

Robots : Wit
Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.), a rocket scientist before joining Congress, beat the famed supercomputer Watson in a "Jeopardy!" exhibition.

The genius congressman who beat Watson at 'Jeopardy!'

Rush Holt, New Jersey Democrat (and rocket scientist), took down the seemingly unbeatable machine in an exhibition match this week. Should we bow down to our new leader?

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