Energy and the Environment : Burning Question
Anything can taste good with a little srirahca sauce, right?

Would you eat meat made from ground-up mealworms?

The squirmy beetle larvae are rich in protein and deplete far fewer resources than cattle. How... delicious

Energy and the Environment : Energy
Facebook's newest data center in Forest City, N.C.: The information generated by the site's nearly one billion users requires these outsize server facilities.

The massive amount of energy powering your wireless storage: By the numbers

Every tweet, email, and instant message you send is stored in a nebulous, invisible entity called the cloud — and all that data sucks up a lot of electricity

Energy and the Environment : Burning Question
Aerial view of Hong Kong at night: According to University of California at Berkeley scientists, the Earth has already started to see some irreversible changes including outbreaks of invasive species and extinctions. 

2025: The year mankind hits the point of no return?

A chilling new report suggests that the Earth may soon hit a tipping point that will do irreparable damage to the planet's ecosystems

Energy and the Environment : Forecast
If we don't taper our overconsumption by 2030, not even a second planet Earth could sustain us.

Has mankind outgrown Earth?

Humans are using up the planet's resources at a frighteningly unsustainable rate, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
A newly developed laser "unprinter" would be able to wipe clean the dried ink on paper so it can be re-used.

The green laser that can erase printer ink

Scientists have a bold new plan to slash CO2 emissions from recycling in half — with a laser "unprinter" that wipes documents clean

Energy and the Environment : Essay
A snow covered road in coastal Maine: Some families in the Pine Tree State simply don't have enough money to keep the heat on all winter.

When the winter cold kills

A frigid Maine winter, says Dan Barry, can turn lethal when the fuel oil runs out

Energy and the Environment : Fact Sheet
Scientists have made a new breakthrough in harvesting seaweed that potentially makes it a viable alternative biofuel.

The mutant bacteria that turns seaweed into fuel

Kelp is a desirable alternative to land-farmed biofuels, but scientists have had trouble harvesting it. Now, with specially outfitted E. coli, they may be able to

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
Using a compound already used in a number of self-cleaning materials, researchers have developed fabric that cleans itself when exposed to sunlight.

The clothes that clean themselves in sunlight

Forget washing machines. Scientists have created a fabric that kills germs and sheds dirt with the aid of sunlight

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
The green glow of the Philips bio-light comes from bioluminescent bacteria, which are fed nutrients from human waste.

Get ready for... poo-powered lights?

Electronics company Philips has a plan to fuel glowing green bulbs with the waste from your toilet

Energy and the Environment : Analysis
A computer server room: A radical new concept proposes that heat-generating servers replace traditional furnaces in everyday Americans' homes.

The furnace of the future: Computer servers?

Computer data centers are energy-hogs that generate a ton of heat. Why not take advantage of that warmth, say researchers

Energy and the Environment : Burning Question
A drill site in Pennsylvania: Deep underground drilling for oil and natural gas may be putting stress on fault lines and contributing to a flurry of earthquakes.

Can fracking cause earthquakes? 

A sharp increase in Oklahoma's seismic activity has many wondering if underground drilling is responsible

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
Despite the logistical challenges, constructing a solar farm on Mount Everest could ultimately be cost-effective, according to new research.

Could Mount Everest be the future of solar power?

New research suggests that cold, high-elevation climates like the Himalayas are superior to deserts for harvesting solar energy

Energy and the Environment : Instant Guide
Old-school solar panels (above): A new flexible, carbon-based technology might allow solar cells to be woven into clothing that generates electricity on the move.

Coming soon: Solar cells you can wear? 

Forget rigid solar panels. Scientists have created a new photovoltaic carbon flexible enough to be worn

Energy and the Environment : Analysis
An oil pipeline in Alaska (not pictured) ruptured over the weekend, spilling thousands of gallons of oil onto The Last Frontier.

BP's new oil spill in Alaska: 'Reckless'?

The beleaguered company that was pummeled over its massive Gulf oil disaster is grappling with another (arguably preventable) spill

Energy and the Environment : In-depth briefing
An oilfield worker during a "fracking" operation in eastern Colorado: Massive reservoirs of natural gas have been found beneath the ground in America, but some say it may be too costly to extract it.

The new gas boom

The U.S. has a mammoth deposit of natural gas that could fuel the country for decades. Can it be safely extracted?

Energy and the Environment : Controversy
Oil-coated grass pokes out of a section of the Yellowstone River in Montana: Since an Exxon pipe burst Friday, more than 40,000 gallons of oil have flowed into the waterway.

Exxon's 'disastrous' Yellowstone oil spill

The oil giant loathed by many environmentalists is feeling the heat for spilling 1,000 barrels of oil into the pristine Yellowstone River  

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