Drinking and Drugs

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
New research suggests that drinking from a straight-sided glass, as President Obama does here, helps beer lovers slow down and keep their  guzzling in check.

How the shape of a beer glass changes your drinking speed

U.K. researchers discover that suds lovers who drink from curved glasses guzzle their brews nearly twice as fast. But why?

Marijuana in America : Burning Question
Subjects of a new study who began smoking pot as teens saw an eight-point drop-off in their IQ when they were tested as adults.

Does smoking pot as a teen permanently damage your intelligence?

A four-decade-long study finds that people who start using marijuana before age 18 have lower IQ scores later in life

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Alleged high school pot dealer Tyler Pagenstecher was known to have a ready supply of high-grade pot for $350 to $400 an ounce.

The high schooler who allegedly ran a $3 million drug ring

Prosecutors charge that an Ohio teen kept his lucrative business hidden for three years, until his reputation as a source of righteous weed caught up to him

Marijuana in America : Analysis
The leaves of the marijuana plant contain two compounds that increase the amount of energy the body burns, according to a new study.

How marijuana could help cure obesity-related diseases

A British company says that two compounds found in marijuana leaves could treat patients whose weight puts them at high risk for heart disease and stroke

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
A special strain of medical marijuana cultivated in Israel looks, smells, and tastes the same as the average drug, except it doesn't get you high.

Invented: Marijuana that doesn't get you high

An Israeli firm introduces a new strain of weed called Avidekel, which offers the substance's health benefits — without the special side effect

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Instant Guide
Bath salts can reportedly cause a user to have scary, superhuman strength that, in some cases, can render a stun gun or taser ineffective.

Bath salts: The quasi-legal drug allegedly behind Miami's cannibal attack

The dangerous synthetic thought to have played a role in a vicious mauling — of a human, by a human — can be as easy to buy as aspirin

Marijuana in America : The List
President Obama's Drug Enforcement Administration has taken the position that "medical marijuana is not medicine," going so far as to call the drug a “mortal danger," says Michael Scherer at TIME.

Why Obama got tough on medical marijuana: 3 theories

In 2008, President Obama promised to give the medical marijuana world breathing room. Now he's bringing down the hammer. What gives?

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
With a spritz of the tiny aerosol spray, users get 0.075 milliliters of boozy chemicals, a fraction of the alcohol found in a typical drink.

The mouth spray that gets you drunk... for a few seconds

Inventors create a breath spray that gets you inebriated near-instantly when you need a quick jolt of liquid courage

Marijuana in America : Forecast
A new crop of California wines infused with marijuana may have a skunky bouquet, but they probably pair well with pot brownies.

Marijuana-infused wine: The new high?

Looking for a new way to get buzzed? You're in luck: California winemakers are livening up bottles of syrah and cabernet sauvignon by adding weed

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Soft-serve foam is essentially frozen beer that cools your beer without diluting it as it melts.

Soft-serve frozen foam: Can it keep beer colder longer?

A Japanese brewer is topping off glasses of beer with foam dispensed like soft-serve ice cream — and the concept promises to chill the ale for 30 minutes

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Fact Sheet
A sheet of perforated printed blotter paper soaked with a solution of LSD: New research claims dropping acid can help cure alcoholism.

Should we use LSD to treat alcoholism?

A new look at the old practice of giving LSD to alcoholics suggests the trippy treatment deserves a second chance

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
"We've got the world's most refreshing alcoholic beer sort of meeting up with the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink in the world," Molson Coors' CEO says of the new Coors Light Iced T.

Coors Light's 'absurd' iced-tea-flavored beer

The struggling beer behemoth hopes its strange new concoction will hit the sweet spot with consumers

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
The college drinking game built around sinking ping pong balls into wide-mouth cups gets its very own beer.

Pong Beer: The new drink designed for beer pong

Marketing gimmick? Stroke of sweet genius? Either way, Pong Beer may be coming to a store near you

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
A vodka cranberry may loosen up your focus and encourage more creative thinking, a new study suggests.

How drinking vodka makes you more creative

A new study suggests that a couple of swigs of the clear spirit can make a man think quicker on his feet. Time to break out the Belvedere?

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Investigators say a researcher falsified information about some of the health benefits of red wine.

Are red wine's health benefits 'wishful thinking'?

The University of Connecticut fires a widely cited researcher accused of falsifying vino-boosting data — but don't put down the glass just yet

Drinking in America : By the numbers
Somewhat surprisingly, Americans 65 and over tend to have more binge-drinking sessions each month than youngsters in the 18-24 age group, according to the CDC.

America's 'alarming' binge-drinking problem: By the numbers

The CDC says far too many Americans are hooked on booze. Here, a numerical look at just how big our drinking problem really is

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