Drinking and Drugs

Marijuana in America : The List
The good news is teens are smoking and drinking less. The bad news is they are smoking marijuana more.

Marijuana’s 'historic' surge among teens: 4 theories

Teenagers are getting high in record numbers. And everything from hippie parents to the prevalence of dispensaries could be at fault

Drinking in America : Best Video
Will Ferrell stars in a series of pro-bono Milwaukee beer commercials of his own design filmed and airing in Iowa.

Will Ferrell's 'hilarious,' Iowa-only Old Milwaukee beer ads

The comedian filmed a series of grainy local TV spots promoting the unsavory lager, reportedly on his own initiative. Is there more to the story?

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
In order to curb that college weight gain that comes with heavy drinking, some coeds are skipping out on meals in a new trend called "drunkorexia."

'Drunkorexia': A 'disturbing' new trend?

To stay both thin and blotto, college students are saving money by skipping meals — and buying booze instead

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A rally supporting medical marijuana in Florida: According to a new poll, 50 percent of Americans say it's time to legalize pot.

Are Americans ready to legalize pot?

A new poll puts support for decriminalizing marijuana at a record high

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Parents and college administrators should pay closer attention to students' late-night Facebook photos to ID problematic drinkers, a new study suggests.

A new use for Facebook: Identifying problem drinkers?

New research shows that, yes, college students who post about "getting drunk" on Facebook are more prone to alcohol abuse. Time for an intervention?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Sour apple-flavored Pothead Lollipops contain no marijuana, but critics say the candy's pro-drug message is dangerous for kids.

Pot-shaped candy: 'Addictive gateway treat'?

Pothead Lollipops are shaped like marijuana leaves. Should they be banned to protect kids from their pro-pot message?

Drinking in America : Analysis
A new in-development drug treatment may help prevent drunkenness and potentially stave off those embarrassing moments of public intoxication.

A 'stay-sober' pill: Coming to a pharmacy near you?

An in-development drug may help drinkers avoid embarrassing themselves — if not in time for this year's company Christmas party

Drinking in America : By the numbers
A beer ad from 1959, when Budweiser was king: Sales of the full-calorie American brew fell 30 percent between 2005 and 2010.

Budweiser's 'staggering' sales slump: By the numbers

Increasingly, beer drinkers are eschewing the red and white can and opting for lower-calorie brews, imports, and craft beers

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Marijuana users, lampooned for decades for indulging in high-caloric treats, are actually less likely to be obese than Americans who don't smoke pot, according to a new study.

Fight obesity... with marijuana?

Forget the munchies. A surprising new study suggests that pot smokers are less likely to be obese than their drug-free counterparts

Marijuana in America : Controversy
New York City Child Services are cracking down on parents who smoke pot even casually, with some losing custody of their kids.

Does pot possession equal child neglect?

In New York City, hundreds of parents are facing child-neglect charges after being caught with small amounts of marijuana. Is that fair?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Medical marijuana plants: In one small Oregon community, legally-grown pot is the town's driving economic force.

Oregon's tiny, 'idyllic' hotbed of marijuana

What happens to a town when pot growing is the bedrock of the local economy?

Drinking in America : Burning Question
A memorial to Amy Winehouse outside her London home: While many suspected it was drugs and alcohol that caused the singer's demise, her family says it was the lack there of.

Amy Winehouse: Did she die of alcohol withdrawal?

The famous singer may have tried to quit alcohol by going cold turkey, a bad idea for many alcoholics

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
A compound found in marijuana may help stave off addicts' interest in and enjoyment of cocaine, according to new research.

Can marijuana curb cocaine addiction?

Compounds in marijuana may help cokeheads kick the habit — but don't light up just yet

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Molson Coors is targeting women with a new "bloat-resistant" beer that comes in supposedly seductive flavors like "Crisp Rosé" and "Zesty Lemon."

Molson Coors' 'no-bloat' beer: Will it win over women?

The brewing giant is thirsting for more female customers, but drinkers aren't exactly lining up for a "Crisp Rosé" lager  

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Obama's Justice Department, surprised by the scale of new medical marijuana dispensaries, appears to be changing its tune.

Obama's medical marijuana 'reversal': A 'blatant contradiction'?

The Justice Department has threatened to crack down on medical marijuana businesses, even those allowed under state laws — and advocates aren't pleased

Marijuana in America : Burning Question
A car accident in Chula Vista, Calif.: In California alone, as many as 1,000 car accidents and fatalities are blamed on drugged drivers each year, according to new data.

Stoned drivers: As bad as drunk drivers?

New data reveals that many drivers get behind the wheel after smoking pot, spurring calls for the cannabis equivalent of a blood-alcohol test

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