Drinking and Drugs

Marijuana in America : Controversy
Opposites attract? Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) are joining forces to limit the feds' role in marijuana prohibition.

Ron Paul and Barney Frank's 'unusual' alliance to legalize pot

Can a Texas libertarian and Massachusetts liberal really get the feds to mellow out and quit prosecuting weed smokers?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Even marijuana plants can be tormented by weeds, which is why Miracle-Gro wants to tap into the industry with targeted products.

Miracle-Gro for marijuana?

Even weed growers may need a little help from more traditional weed-killing gardening products

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Opinion Brief
Coffee addicts beware: That comforting cup of joe, when consumed in excess of five servings a day, may turn you into a hallucinating fool.

Coffee: The new hallucinogenic craze?

A new Australian study says that a serious coffee habit can make people see and hear imaginary things (involving Bing Crosby). Time to put down the java?

Drinking in America : By the numbers
Vineyard workers in Napa Valley, Calif., pick grapes during harvest season: California accounts for 61 percent of the booming U.S. wine market, by volume.

America's wine boom: By the numbers

For the first time, the U.S. is gulping down more wine annually than France. A numerical guide to America's vino victory

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: Some wonder whether it's time for A.A. to drop its demands for anonymity.

Should recovering addicts really be anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous has long viewed secrecy as crucial to getting people to seek help, though some are questioning whether that's still really necessary

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
This grandmother, smoking a joint in 1979, has nothing on the "marijuana grannies" who were caught allegedly growing 800 marijuana plants in their California home.

California's 'marijuana grannies' and the 800 pot-plant bust

Police arrest two entrepreneurial senior citizens over a suspected marijuana-growing operation in their San Bruno, California home

Drinking in America : Controversy
Snoop Dogg promotes Pabst's new fruity malt liquor drink, Blast by Colt 45, a single can of which contains five servings of alcohol.

Snoop Dogg's Four Loko rival: 'Binge in a can'?

Blast by Colt 45 is the newest beverage to mask high alcohol content with fruity flavor. And some lawmakers aren't too happy about it

Marijuana in America : Irony Alert
Rhode Island lawmaker Robert Watson (R) made some cutting statements about pot smokers in February... and now suffers the shame of being busted on pot charges.

Irony alert: Anti-marijuana lawmaker busted for marijuana

Rhode Island's GOP House minority leader is famous for two things: Criticizing gays, Guatemalans, and pot smokers; and now, being busted for smoking pot

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
One joint is equal to two pounds of carbon emissions, according to a new study that finds growing weed is not so eco-friendly.

Marijuana isn't 'green?'

A new study claims that growing pot uses a whopping 1 percent of America's electricity, and pollutes the air with massive amounts of greenhouse gas

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
After a night of this kind of drinking, you might forget where you parked your car, but a new study says alcohol does aid subconscious learning... about how fun alcohol is.

The educational value of booze

Sure, drinking may make you forget where you parked your car, but a new study claims that liquor can actually increase the brain's ability to learn... about how great drinking is

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Controversy
Concentrated bath salts are being used to get a high that mimics cocaine: Nine people have reportedly died in the past year after using such synthetic drugs.

Bath salts and fake pot: America's new drug war

Synthetic, over-the-counter drugs that mimic the effects of cocaine and marijuana are gaining popularity. But are they more dangerous than the real thing?

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Beer and baseball have long gone hand-in-hand, but now Boston's Fenway Park is enraging traditionalists by selling cocktails.

Do gin and tonics belong at the ballgame?

Now you can enjoy a cocktail while you watch baseball at historic Fenway Park. Sacrilege?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
In a move stoners may consider irreverent, scientists may have figured out how to separate the pain-relieving and mind-altering effects of cannabis.

Marijuana without the high: A painkiller breakthrough

Scientists believe they can isolate the pain-easing benefits of medical marijuana — so sufferers can consume it without becoming foggy and paranoid

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
New Zealand's Moa Brewery is banking on a belief that a cherry-flavored lager will catch on as a breakfast and brunch option.

The world's first 'breakfast beer'

A New Zealand brewery is unveiling a new beer especially brewed to complement your morning eggs and toast. Is that really a good idea?

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Tea Partying Montana state Rep. Alan Hale says DUI laws are destroying a way of life intrinsic to his state's culture.

The Montana bar owner who hates DUI laws

State Rep. Alan Hale tells Montana's House of Representatives that preventing drunk drinking would be really bad for business

Marijuana in America : Only in America
Willie Nelson could save himself from a marijuana charge and jail time with a private courtroom concert for a big fan: His prosecutor.

Only in America: Can Willie Nelson evade pot charges with a song?

The 77-year-old music legend (and pothead) is offered a plea deal that involves just one C-note... and an actual melody

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