Drinking and Drugs

Marijuana in America : Only in America
Grizzly bears are "equal opportunity maulers," says the Montana Supreme Court, ruling that a park worker should get workers' comp after getting stoned, trying to feed a bear, and being attacked.

Only in America: Get high, get mauled by a bear, get workers' comp

Montana's Supreme Court says a park worker mauled by a grizzly should get workers' comp... even though he was trying to feed bears while stoned

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The first weGrow superstore - the one-stop shop for legal pot growers - opened over the weekend, and its owners say it will become "the Walmart of Weed."

The 'Walmart of Weed': Coming to a town near you?

The ambitious pot farmers superstore weGrow opens its first franchise. Has medical marijuana gone mainstream?

Drinking in America : By the numbers
Americans consume 3.8 gallons of pure alcohol each year, more than half of which comes from beer.

The world's 'drunkest countries': By the numbers

The World Health Organization studied alcohol consumption around the globe and found, among other things, that Americans drink nearly as much as Brits and the French

Drinking in America : Petty Controversy
The mayor's predilection for iced beer may just be a "symptom of third-term-itus," says The Huffington Post.

Petty controversy: Michael Bloomberg enjoys beer... on the rocks

The mayor of New York upsets his city's ale drinkers by admitting he adds ice to his froth-topped glass of amber nectar

Drinking in America : Best Column
The men in beer commercials have gradually involved into louts, an "adolescent parody of manhood," says Neal Gabler.

Beer's new pitchman: The loutish man-child

Why are beer marketers replacing manly men with "unsophisticated, lazy, misogynist males," asks Neal Gabler in the Los Angeles Times

Marijuana in America : Audio
A research-minded pot dealer quickly discovered that growing marijuana in Connecticut will cost him an arrest and $5,000 in bail.

The pot grower who called 911 on himself

A Connecticut man calls the cops to check on the legalities of growing marijuana in his house — only to be taken aback when they trace his call and arrest him

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Times are tough, but Walgreens has responded with its new Big Flats 1901 brand of 50-cent lager.

Walgreens' 50-cent beer

The drugstore chain has begun selling its own brew at rock-bottom prices. Reviewers are claiming it gave them headaches, but will the beer-swilling masses respond?

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
Canna Cola comes in five flavors with a "mild marijuana taste," including the Dr. Pepper-inspired "Doc Weed."

Forget Four Loko: The rise of marijuana soda

A California entrepeneur has plans to launch a new THC-laced cola this year. Can soda pot compete with soda pop?

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Best Video
This 1950s housewife seems to have encountered a different reality that was "so beautiful and lovely and alive" after taking LSD.

The 1950s housewife on LSD

Newly unearthed footage shows a doctor speaking with a straight-laced woman in the middle of an acid trip. Best interview ever?

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
The question of whether a horse can qualify as a vehicle for a DUI citation is a "perennial legal problem," says one blogger.

Does drunk horse-riding merit a DUI?

Two men in Texas were arrested for riding a horse while intoxicated, but were let off without a DUI charge. Should they have been?

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
The controversial can contains 12 ounces of blended whisky, the equivalent of eight shots.

Whisky in a can?

One company hopes to widen the liquor's appeal by packaging it like beer — but offended purists are trying to block the effort

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
MXI Enterprises distills the alcohol from Four Loko and then sells it to be blended into gasoline.

Running your car on... Four Loko?

Truckloads of the alcohol-filled energy drink are being turned into ethanol and used to power hybrid cars. How on earth does that work?

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
The alcoholic content in a single serving of Cream is reportedly equal to at least three beers.

Forget Four Loko: Introducing spiked whipped cream

Are alcohol-infused dessert-toppings with names like Whipahol the next drinking fad to sweep the nation?

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
Smoking marijuana may trigger immune-suppressing cells.

The possible link between marijuana and cancer

New research suggests that smoking pot can suppress immune-system functions, leaving the body vulnerable to deadly disease

Marijuana in America : Essay
In California's Mendocino County, as much as two-thirds of the local economy depends on marijuana.

Life in cannabis county

In bucolic Northern California, the author's pot-growing neighbors are facing a new fear: Legalization

Drinking in America : Timeline
Though Four Loko will no longer contain caffeine, it still comes in nine fruity flavors including watermelon, grape and cranberry-lemonade.

The rise and fall of Four Loko

The alcoholic beverage with a caffeine kick briefly captured the hearts — and livers — of America's youth. Then came the crackdown

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