Drinking and Drugs

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Pullout guides about medical marijuana have proven very profitable for some Colorado newspapers.

Marijuana ads: Savior for the newspaper business?

Where medical marijuana is legal, newspapers are seeing a big jump in ad revenue, thanks to pot-related businesses. Is this good or bad for journalism?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Following Schwarzenegger's move, California now has some of the most lenient marijuana laws in the country.

Why California decriminalized recreational pot: 5 theories

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law that treats possession of an ounce of marijuana about as harshly as a parking violation. Why now?

Drinking in America : Best Column
Drinking in bars used to be a bit more sociable.

How the iPhone ruined drunken debate

An expert mixologist says the ubiquity of smart phones has put the answer to every question at the fingertips of bar hoppers, and ruined the tradition of drinking and debating

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Samples of medical marijuana are displayed during an expo in Berkeley, California in March 2010.

Does Prop 19 deserve to pass?

Voters soften to the idea of legalizing marijuana in the state, but politicians, law enforcement leaders, and newspapers are united against it

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The fact that marijuana use has increased may be the least of our troubles.

Marijuana: A gateway drug after all?

Obama's "drug czar" says pot is to blame for a surge in illicit drug use, but some disagree

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A mother not only gave her 2-year-old daughter pot, but she also recorded the toddler taking a few tokes.

The mom who gave her baby pot

A video of a 2-year-old smoking marijuana has bloggers outraged, and the child's mother facing prosecution

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Prop 19 voters: Is this bud for you?

Prop 19: Will California legalize pot in November?

A ballot initiative legalizing marijuana is gaining traction with voters in America’s most populous state

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Researchers at the University of Texas found that mortality rates amongst a group of over 1,800 adults were highest for those who had never been drinkers.

Why booze hounds live longer

New evidence suggests that heavy drinkers outlive teetotalers. How can that be?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The commercial mentions various illnesses that medical marijuana can be used to relieve.

America's first medical marijuana TV ad

A Sacramento, CA, dispensary — run by a conservative Christian — makes history with a TV commercial touting the benefits of medical pot

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Instant Guide
Researchers at Yale University found that a strong sedative called ketamine can help reverse the effects of depression.

Can horse tranquilizers cure depression?

Pharmacologists think ketamine — a dangerous "party drug" sometimes known as Special K — could help sufferers of depression. How on earth would that work?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A new campaign lobbies for the legalization of marijuana.

Can 'Just Say Now' get marijuana legalized?

A new campaign that claims an unprecedented range of support — from bloggers to police officers — is mobilizing to push the pro-pot agenda through this fall

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief

Kombucha: The problematically boozy health drink

After reports that the fermented drink might contain up to 3 percent alcohol, some grocers are voluntarily pulling it from shelves and the government is investigating

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Marijuana: A race issue?

Marijuana legalization: The race debate

A ballot measure in California that would decriminalize pot is dividing the state's black community

Hallucinogenic Drugs : Analysis
Does "i-dosing" work?

What is 'i-dosing'?

Some say mind-altering sound is the next big "drug" craze among American teens. Really?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Legalizing pot is popular among younger voters -- and they tend to vote Democratic, says The Atlantic's Joshua Green

Can marijuana save the Democrats in November?

A handful of states are voting to loosen marijuana laws. Could pot do for Democrats what anti-gay-marriage measures did for Republicans in 2004?

Marijuana in America : The List
Authorities found a car loaded with 800 lbs. of marijuana outside of McAllen, Texas.

America's 5 biggest pot busts

The 506 pounds of marijuana that Beverly Hills socialite Lisette Lee is accused of flying into Ohio is — relatively speaking — a fairly minor amount

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