Sesame Street : Only in America
A gay-rights protester brandishes a sign begging Muppets Bert and Ernie to tie the knot, though Sesame Street insists that the roomies are merely asexual assemblages of cloth and fur.

Only in America: Sesame Street clarifies puppets' sexuality

Quit ringing those wedding bells! Bert and Ernie are neither gay nor engaged, insist the beloved Muppets' creators in a stinging statement

Sesame Street : Analysis
Sesame Street roommates Bert and Ernie should finally take the next step in their relationship and get hitched, argue gay-rights activists.

Should Bert and Ernie get married?

A debate-sparking petition urges the Sesame Street buddies to tie the knot — even though they've never come out as gay

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
Jon Hamm makes $250,000 per episode playing Don Draper on AMC's "Mad Men" -- the exact amount that the per-episode budget of "The Walking Dead" was just cut.

Could Mad Men wreck Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead?

Fans fear that AMC has spent so much money on Don Draper and Co. that it won't have enough left over to maintain its other hit series

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Instant Guide
At least three main characters on "Glee" will be graduating at the end of next season... but that doesn't mean they'll leave the show.

The frustrating Glee graduation saga

Gleeks are grappling with uncertainty over whether their favorite actors will be written off the show. What are fans supposed to believe?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
"Glee" creators have decided to graduate some of the hit show's most popular characters, most of whom finished off the last season at their junior year prom.

Glee's 'bold' decision to graduate its stars

The musical comedy's most popular characters will soon don caps and gowns, marching into the real world and off the show. Can Glee survive without them?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Best Column
Chris Colfer, who plays gay high-school student Kurt on Glee, is arguably the show's most engrossing character.

'Born This Way' on 'Glee': 'Best' episode yet

Tuesday's 90-minute Gaga-themed episode was the show's best ever, thanks to the "genius" of the actor who plays the gay student Kurt, says Matt Zoller Seitz at Salon

Mad Men : Slideshow
Does Mad Men really need Betty and Don? Creators and bloggers debate the series' expendable characters.

Which characters could 'Mad Men' afford to lose?

AMC and Lionsgate reportedly demand that the hit show save money by ditching at least two characters. Who should it be?

Mad Men : Irony Alert
What would Don Draper do? In a plot twist befitting the series itself, "Mad Men" will be delayed until 2012 because of product placement disputes between the network and the hit show's creator.

Irony alert: 'Mad Men' delayed until 2012... over advertising dispute

A disagreement over advertising is one of the main sticking points holding up the fifth season of the acclaimed AMC show that's set in an ad agency

Mad Men : Best Column
"Mad Men" is merely a "soap opera decked out in high-end clothes" says Daniel Mendelsohn at The New York Review of Books.

Why 'Mad Men' is one of the worst shows on TV

AMC's hit show suffers from bad writing, preposterous plotting, and amateurish acting, declares Daniel Mendelsohn at The New York Review of Books

Mad Men : Opinion Brief
Will Don Draper find (relative) happiness with his new bride? Creator Matthew Weiner is hinting darkly that fans will never know the answer.

The end of 'Mad Men'?

Creator Matthew Weiner says he doesn't know when, or if, AMC will renew his contract and guarantee a fifth season of his hit show. Should viewers be worried?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Fact Sheet
Will "The Prickly Spheres" be more convincingly gritty that the "Glee" girls' recent attempt to rock out?

The new rock version of 'Glee'

The CW Network is developing a harder-edged competitor to the massively popular Fox show. Will imitation breed success?

The New Improved Conan : Best Column
O'Brien needs to move on from self-deprecating NBC jokes or risk ruining his new TBS show.

It's time for Conan to get over NBC

The TBS host's obsession with his fall from network grace is hurting his new show, says Laura Bennett in The New Republic

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
"Glee" creators have been purposefully vague about the ages of their "teen" characters.

Should the 'Glee' kids graduate?

High school typically lasts just four years... except on television. How will Fox's musical hit deal with a cast that can't stay forever young?

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
The premiere episode of "Conan" set a ratings record for cable-based talk-shows, beating a 2008-election episode of "The Daily Show."

Can Conan keep beating Leno in the ratings?

The late-night host scored a massive ratings victory with his new show's debut, handily beating Leno and his other rivals. Then came Night Two...

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Conan O'Brien's late night opening tells the story of how he leaves NBC, tries and fails at other jobs, and ultimately finds a home at TBS.

Conan's 'modest' debut

The talk show host stuck with a traditional formula for his highly anticipated return to late night. Good strategy or total snooze?

Leno vs. Conan : Best Column
Both late night hosts suffered ratings issues, with Leno "floundering" at the 10 p.m. spot and O'Brien often finishing almost a million viewers behind Letterman on CBS.

Conan vs. Leno: Behind the scenes

Leno was anxiously hopeful. Conan was furious. An inside look at how the Late Night Wars unfolded, according to Vanity Fair's Bill Carter

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