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Don't move a muscle and you will apparently be irresistible to women. Right...

Absurd finding of the day: 'Men who don't do chores have a lot of sex'

Spanish researchers claim that husbands who help out with cooking, cleaning, and shopping suffer the consequences

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It may spur spontaneous kisses around the holidays, but the mistletoe plant is parasitic and sometimes even poisonous.

Why do we kiss underneath the mistletoe?

It's poisonous. And parasitic. Yet come Christmas, we hang the stuff from doorways everywhere

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The condom of the future could be made of electrospun fibers that can block sperm, as well as release antiviral drugs.

What the condom of the future might look like

Not much has changed since the latex condom was first introduced in 1880. Now, researchers are trying to bring the contraceptive into the 21st century

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Kanye West may be the only man who could rival girlfriend Kim Kardashian's narcissism, and, for some reason, we can't look away.

Do we really find selfish, narcissistic jerks more attractive?

Mean kids rule high school, and self-involved celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get loads of attention. A new study might explain why

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Plan B, the emergency contraception pill also known as "the morning after pill," is seen on a pharmacy shelf in Boston, Massachusetts.

Should teen girls get access to Plan B before they have sex?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is newly recommending that doctors play a more pro-active role in prescribing the morning-after pill for teenagers

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If you have a husband with wandering eyes, you may want to give him a whiff of "the love hormone" oxytocin.

Can the 'love hormone' oxytocin keep men from cheating?

Committed males administered a nasal spray of the hormone were more likely to steer clear of an attractive woman who wasn't their partner

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Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old physical education student from Brazil, will have to submit to a gynecological exam to "prove" that she is, in fact, a virgin.

The woman who sold her virginity online for charity

Catarina Migliorini will reportedly receive $780,000 in exchange for sex — and donate most of it to an effort to house poor Brazilian families

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So much for equality in the home: A new study claims marriages are better off when women do most of the housework.

Does shared housework really lead to divorce?

A Norwegian study suggests that couples who split chores equally are 50 percent more likely to get separated

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The small T-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device is is being touted by experts as more reliable and better suited for teenage girls than the pill.

Should doctors encourage sexually active teens to use IUDs?

A leading women's health group now recommends that teenage girls should consider using long-term hormone therapies in lieu of the pill or patch

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According to a new study, brides who have doubts before tying the knot are 2.5 times more likely to get divorced a few years after being married.

Do cold feet doom marriages?

It turns out that uncertainty before a life-long commitment isn't benign, and could actually predict whether you'll stay married

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"Interacting in a neutral environment, without a cell phone nearby, seems to help foster closeness, connectedness, interpersonal trust, and perceptions of empathy," says Helen Lee Lin at Scientific American.

How your cell phone wrecks your relationships — even when you're not using it

U.K. researchers discover that the mere presence of a nearby phone can dramatically affect the way you feel about the person sitting in front of you

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A Russian businessman hired an ambulance and extras to create the illusion that he'd died in a car accident before rising from the "dead" and proposing to his understandably annoyed girlfriend.

9 crazy 'marry me' stunts — and the rise of the alarming public proposal

One man faked his death. Another dressed (unromantically) as broccoli. In the YouTube era, suitors will go to shameless lengths to score a viral-video proposal

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In this video screen grab, a model indicates where the matchstick-sized contraceptive, Implanon, would be implanted in a woman's body.

Implanon: The birth control that's getting lost in women's bodies

While it's not clear whether they even work, the contraceptive implants are easy to remove... provided doctors can find them

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While polygamy is illegal in Brazil, a man and two women have been granted a three-person civil union.

Brazil's groundbreaking three-person civil union

A legal notary in Brazil faces a backlash after giving official recognition to the relationship of a man and two women. Could that really be legal?

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More and more newlyweds are paying photographers to take pictures of them the morning after their wedding. Some of the poses include the happy couple together in the shower or on top of rumpled sheets.

Morning-after photos: The latest sexy wedding trend

After you've documented the cake-cutting, the first kiss, and the bouquet toss, how about memorializing your first night of married passion?

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Grant Engler and his new wife Amanda celebrate after their wedding ceremony to which they arrived via jet pack suits over the Newport Beach, Calif., harbor.

The jet-pack wedding and 5 other extreme nuptials

From getting hitched underwater to saying "I do" on the wing of a plane, these couples are leaving the altar and the aisle far behind

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