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A Malawian midwife injects a mother with the contraceptive Depo Provera at a family planning clinic: This hormone-based contraceptive may actually be increasing the risk of spreading HIV.

An 'alarming quandary': The birth control that doubles HIV risk

A new study warns that women taking a popular injectible contraceptive may be twice as likely to contract or transmit HIV

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To combat rising divorce rates, Mexico City is weighing the idea of temporary marriages that would last for as little as two years.

Temporary marriages: The 'radical' way to lower divorce rates

Mexico's capital considers a proposal that would give unhappily married people a much easier way out

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1.4 million packs of birth control pills were subject to packaging errors that may render them ineffective at preventing pregnancies.

America's 'massive' birth control recall: The risk of unintended pregnancies

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals warns women that 1.4 million packs of birth control pills may be ineffective

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Blendr, a would-be hook-up app for heterosexuals, uses your smartphone's GPS to show nearby users who you can then filter by interest or location.

Blendr: The 'boring' Grindr-like hookup app for straight people

Unlike the popular gay hookup app on which it was modeled, Blendr is full of glitches — and short on sexual satisfaction, says Tracy Clark-Flory in Salon

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Barry White: Vocally advantaged when it comes to women's evolution-enforced susceptibilities.

Why men with deep voices get the girls

Scientists discover that women remember deep-voiced men better — and are more inclined to pick basses as mates

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While it may look like a parking meter, this device actually requires that prostitutes in Bonn, Germany, help fill government coffers before hitting the streets.

Germany's 'remarkable' prostitution tax meter

Forget the meter maid. One German city unveils the meter madam, requiring a prostitute to put money in a machine before plying her trade

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After porn star Derrick Burts tested positive for HIV in 2010, the porn industry temporarily shut down: After another health scare this week, the industry has once again gone dark.

HIV scare: A guide to the porn industry shutdown

After a performer tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease, the multibillion-dollar adult film industry halts all production

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Annual pride march to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities: A new study has concluded that bisexuality is a distinct sexual orientation.

The 'insulting' study that proves bisexuality is real

Did America need a scientific study to prove that bisexuals exist? Yes, according to some experts

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Some women in Columbia are crossing their legs and refusing to have sex until roads to and from their small town are improved.

Sex strikes: A recent history

Women in Colombia are keeping their legs crossed until their town wins better roads — and they're hardly the first women to employ such a tactic

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Scientists have invented a new stir-stick-like sensor that can detect date-rape drugs, but some say women won't use it in public.

A sensor that can detect date-rape drugs?

Scientists create an inexpensive, straw-like device that lights up when placed in a drink spiked with drugs

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The FDA is warning consumers not to take the emergency contraceptive Evital - if the package looks like the above - because it may be a fake drug.

Evital: The 'fake' contraceptive?

A phony morning-after pill, not approved by the FDA and circulating via online pharmacies and dealers, may be useless — or even dangerous

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The number of marriage licenses issued each year in Clark County, Nev. has dropped 28 percent since 2004.

The decline of the Vegas quickie wedding: By the numbers

Sin City is marrying far fewer couples than it did before the recession. What gives?

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Successful couples show their affection during a CBS Early Show brunch: The dating site, the world's largest, has embraced a new match-making algorithm.

The Financial Times' profile: 5 takeaways

The world of online dating is growing and evolving in strange, potentially creepy ways, says Financial Times media correspondent David Gelles

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A woman of divorced parents (not pictured) vows not to make the same mistakes and yet finds herself, four years after her own divorce, wondering if things could have been different.

Not our parents' divorce

We were best friends and loving parents, says Susan Gregory Thomas, and we believed it couldn't happen to us

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New research suggests that one key to a happy marriage is whether the wife is thinner than her husband.

Thinner wife, happy life?

Researchers discover that marital bliss is based not on how thin she is compared to other women but how thin she is compared to her husband

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A male birth control pill may be in the works... but will guys use it?

Male contraceptives: Coming to a drug store near you?

Researchers are closing in on a viable male birth control pill. But will men actually use it?

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