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Letting your partner eye attractive strangers may ultimately be good for your relationships, according to a recent study.

A wandering eye: Good for your relationship?

Researchers discover that, when restricted from scoping out good-looking strangers, people's ardor for their current partners suffers

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief invites jilted husbands and wives to publicly trash their spouses, something that may come back to haunt them in a custody case. Where jilted spouses seek revenge

A website says it's promoting fidelity by letting wronged husband and wives expose and embarrass cheaters. Just desserts, or just wrong?

Sex and Relationships : Slideshow
Whether you fancy British men only or cat-lovers, there's most likely a dating website for you.

12 dating sites for weirdly specific tastes: A slideshow

A new site called matches you with a date who looks like you. It's just the latest online gimmick to attract the lovelorn

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
They were known only as emergency contraception, but now morning after pills may be moving into world of every-day birth control.

Should women use the morning-after pill as birth control?

According to a new report, emergency contraception might also work well for non-emergencies — but is using the Plan B pill that way a wise idea?

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Love drug: Scientists say the venom from the Phoneutria nigriventer (pictured) could one day be used as a Viagra alternative.

The new Viagra alternative: Venom from a 4-inch spider?

Researchers may have discovered a natural, eight-legged solution to erectile dysfunction

Sex and Relationships : The List promises romance with an adorable accent.

12 dating sites for weirdly specific tastes

A new site called matches you with a date who looks like you. It's just the latest online gimmick to attract the lovelorn

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Are teens these days too busy for sex? That might be one explanation for the recent jump in reported virginity.

The teen virginity boom: 5 theories

More than one-fourth of Americans ages 15 to 24 have never had sex. Why are more and more young people holding off on getting down?

Sex and Relationships : Opinion Brief
Rising college basketball star Brandon Davies was suspended from the Brigham Young team for having sex with his girlfriend.

Should BYU really suspend a basketball player for having sex?

Sophomore center Brandon Davies was booted off the team for sleeping with his girlfriend, which violates the conservative school's exacting honor code

Sex and Relationships : Essay
The art of successfully picking up a woman, says professional pick-up artist James Norton, is "all about the mindset."

Picking up pieces

Men pay $600 for James Norton's tips on picking up women. Emotional connection is extra

Sex and Relationships : The List
While more than 75 percent of women prefer a handwritten note on Valentines Day, according to one study, 20 percent of men will text their V-Day message.

Valentine's Day: 7 facts we've learned about romance

What can researchers tell us about the thrills and heartaches of Valentine's Day? More than you might think

Sex and Relationships : Best Column
With the internet, men have such easy access to porn that many are detaching from their real-life partners, writes Davy Rothbart in New York.

Do men want women anymore... or just porn?

The ubiquity of online porn is changing the way men relate to women... so much so that they're no longer interested in their offline partners, says Davy Rothbart in New York

Sex and Relationships : The List
Some women are more likely to jump into bed with a partner after being wooed on Facebook or via text.

The science of sex: 7 fascinating new findings

Scientists continue to uncover more about what make us tick... and what turns us on

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
"Technology should be on the list of the top reasons why people divorce," says one therapist.

Does your relationship need a 'tech cleanse'?

Therapists say unplugging can help you reconnect with loved ones, but it isn't easy

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
A woman's tears can cause a drop in a man's testosterone levels.

Why women's tears are a sexual turnoff

Dry your eyes... new research suggests that there's a chemical, and possibly even evolutionary, reason that women's tears totally turn off men

Sex and Relationships : Fact Sheet
Some researchers say that when the individuals in a relationship actively develop themselves, the couple will flourish.

The (selfish) secret to a happy marriage

Improving yourself can also improve your relationship, say researchers who have concluded that partners want to feed off of each other's growth

Sex and Relationships : Instant Guide
Men were reportedly hit harder in the recession, forcing more women into family breadwinner roles.

Female super-earners: Bad for marriage?

In households where the woman makes more money, the man is more likely to cheat, have health problems, and be unhappy, according to a number of recent studies. Is that right?

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