Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, media star : Best Video
Sarah Palin's three-year contract with Fox News has officially expired.

WATCH: Sarah Palin's 5 most memorable Fox News moments

Who could forget the time the former Alaska governor called Nancy Pelosi a "dingbat" or the war in Libya a "squirmish"?

Sarah Palin : By the numbers
Palin speaks to Tea Party America in September 2011 in Iowa.

Sarah Palin's Fox News career: By the numbers

From the number of words Palin spoke in her three years at Fox to how much she was paid, one more obsessive look at Palinmania

Sarah Palin : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Was Sarah Palin just a fad?

It wasn't so long ago that she was the most talked-about woman in America

Sarah Palin, media star : Politics
Sarah Palin on Fox New Sunday: This may not happen again.

Sarah Palin and Fox News break up

The former vice presidential candidate parts ways with the conservative media outlet

Sarah Palin, media star : Twitter Take
Sarah Palin, already the author of one best-seller, has promised to share her fitness secrets in a new book.

12 potential titles for Sarah Palin's fitness book

Forget Going Rogue. These days, Sarah Palin wants you to go to the gym

Sarah Palin, media star : The List
Sarah Palin appears on Fox News Sunday on Feb. 12, 2012: As the former governor's star fades, so too, apparently, do the offers to appear on the cable news network.

Why Fox News is souring on Sarah Palin: 3 theories

In 2008, Sarah Palin was the star of the GOP convention. For this year's RNC, she couldn't even secure an appearance on the cable news network that employs her

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party rally on July 14 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, Mich.: The former Alaska governor has told Newsweek that she is impatiently waiting for her invitation to the GOP convention beginning Aug. 27.

Should the GOP let Sarah Palin speak at Mitt Romney's convention?

The Republican National Committee has yet to extend an invitation to Palin to speak at Romney's Tampa coronation, and she's not pleased

The Palin Family : Opinion Brief
Tripp Palin and mom Bristol star in a reality series about their glitzy new Los Angeles life, and one critic bemoans that the even-keeled Bristol isn't an "Alaskan Snooki."

Just how dull is Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp?

Sarah Palin's eldest daughter launches a new reality show chronicling her life as a single mom in Los Angeles. Critics could hardly be less enthused

Sarah Palin : Opinion Brief
Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer addresses supporters at the Republican Party headquarters in Lincoln, Neb., after her Tuesday win: Fischer may have benefited from Sarah Palin's last-second endorsement, or from attack ads against her opponent.

Deb Fischer's Nebraska upset: Proof Sarah Palin still has the golden touch?

A Palin-backed underdog snatches the GOP Senate nomination from the favorite, and Mama Grizzly's endorsement may very well have put Fischer over the top

The Palin Family : Timeline
Bristol Palin on President Obama's support of same-sex marriage: "It would've been nice if the president would've been an actual leader... instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of 'Glee.'"

A brief history of Bristol Palin's controversies

For better or worse, Sarah Palin's daughter seems to have inherited her mother's gift for placing herself in the spotlight

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin joined the "lamestream media" on Tuesday as guest host of the "Today" show, impressing critics by poking fun at her 2008 struggle to name her favorite newspapers.

Sarah Palin's 'oddly charming' Today show appearance

Mama Grizzly makes her much-hyped debut as co-host of the morning show juggernaut, impressing critics with her poise, energy, and willingness to laugh at herself

Sarah Palin, media star : Analysis
Sarah Palin and Katie Couric will battle for ratings supremacy as the former Alaska governor guest hosts "Today" while Couric takes a turn at the helm of "Good Morning America."

Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric: Morning show edition

Four years after their unforgettable campaign interview, Palin will briefly co-host Today while Couric presides over rival show Good Morning America

Sarah Palin, media star : Best Video
Mimic-in-chief: Julianne Moore (above) clearly did her homework when preparing to play Sarah Palin in "Game Change," as a meticulously edited comparison video of the two women shows.

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin: The 'uncanny' side-by-side footage

A new YouTube video proves that Moore's portrayal of the former vice presidential candidate in the HBO movie Game Change is eerily spot-on

Sarah Palin, media star : Opinion Brief
Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin: Does "Game Change" humanize the former VP contender, or just ridicule her?

Game Change: Fair to Palin or an offensive cartoon?

HBO's hotly anticipated TV movie about the tumultuous rise and fall of the 2008 McCain-Palin ticket debuts this weekend. Critics weigh in on how it treats Mama Grizzly

Sarah Palin, media star : Controversy
HBO's "Game Change," based on the book by journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, depicts Sarah Palin, played by Julianne Moore, as an unstable, ignorant diva.

HBO's Game Change: The 5 most controversial scenes

The upcoming TV movie paints Sarah Palin as a temperamental diva who doesn't know what the Fed is. A look at the film's most talked about moments

Sarah Palin : The List
Sarah Palin may be hoping to use the GOP's presidential indecision to help her mount a return to national relevancy.

Why Sarah Palin wants a brokered convention: 3 theories

Though she's sitting out the primaries, the Alaskan warns that "all bets are off" if no candidate has enough delegates to be nominated at August's GOP convention

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