The Tea Party

Tea Party Nation? : Politics
Karl Rove's feud with the Tea Party escalates.

Tea Party group depicts Karl Rove as a Nazi

The GOP's internecine warfare has been taken up a notch

Tea Party Nation? : Politics
Rand Paul: Carrying the Tea Party banner.

The Tea Party has sold out

A grassroots movement has been turned into a money-making political brand

Tea Party Nation? : Opinion Brief
A Tea Partier stands alone before a rally in Arizona on April 25.

Will Jim DeMint's departure deflate the Tea Party?

The South Carolina Republican was the movement's leader in the Senate. Now that he's stepping down, will the Tea Party ever be the same?

Tea Party Nation? : Opinion Brief
Senator-elect Ted Cruz speaks at the "Patriots for Romney-Ryan Reception" on Aug. 29: Cruz's victory in Texas was a rare bright spot for the Tea Party on Election Day.

Will Democrats' election victories kill the Tea Party?

The Tea Party had a terrible night on Tuesday. But that doesn't necessarily mean the party is over

Tea Party Nation? : The List
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) decidedly beat Tea Party-backed challenger Dan Liljenquist Tuesday, potentially signaling the waning power of the grassroots movement.

What Orrin Hatch's survival says about the Tea Party

The veteran Utah Republican is cruising to a seventh term after beating the Tea Party curse and easily dispatching an insurgent conservative rival

Tea Party Nation? : Forecast
Sen. Dick Lugar was crushed by the Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock in Tuesday's GOP primary in Indiana, and grassroots activists are now turning their attention to establishment types in Utah and Texas.

After Dick Lugar: Who will the Tea Party target next?

Energized by their Tuesday defeat of the six-term moderate Indiana senator, Tea Partiers are already focusing their sights on other establishment Republicans

Michele Bachmann : Wit
Michele Bachmann: Suddenly more Swiss.

Michele Bachmann's Swiss citizenship: The best jokes

The former presidential candidate, Tea Party favorite, and socialism-hater is officially a European — triggering a celebration in irony land

Tea Party Nation? : The List
A Tea Party shirt hangs from a lamp at a Newt Gingrich rally: Because the movement failed to unite behind one candidate, its influence is dimming in the presidential race, say some Tea Partiers.

The Tea Party's waning influence: 4 theories

Tea Party rallies were everywhere in 2010. But the small-government movement has slipped from view as Mitt Romney surges toward the GOP nomination. Why?

Tea Party Nation? : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Is the GOP presidential field a Tea Party failure?

To the dismay of many in the clamorous grassroots, the Republican nominee is all but certain to be an establishment insider 

Tea Party Nation? : Opinion Brief
In one new poll, two-thirds of Tea Partiers score Herman Cain favorably, and some say this proves that the grassroots movement has been colorblind all along.

Does Herman Cain's rise prove that the Tea Party isn't racist?

The small-government protest movement opposes America's first black president — but loves the man trying to become the GOP's first black nominee

Tea Party Nation? : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: Will the Tea Party abandon politics?

With the moderate Mitt Romney the GOP's likely nominee, a frustrated and fed-up Tea Party might just give up on politics altogether

Tea Party Nation? : Burning Question
A Tea Party rally outside the Capitol earlier this year: Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be the Tea Party's best shot at winning the White House, though his poll numbers are trending downwards.

2012 GOP race: Has the Tea Party already lost?

Tea Partiers keep bouncing from one candidate to the next — and that "fickleness" might cost them the chance to pick the GOP nominee

Tea Party Nation? : Best Video
In the controversial new video game "Tea Party Zombies Must Die," players are encouraged to shoot a Sarah Palin zombie in the Fox News studio.

The 'gruesome' video game that kills off zombie Tea Partiers

Is a new first-person shooter game that lets you kill a zombie Sarah Palin in the Fox News studio just a fun way to blow off steam — or something more sinister?

Tea Party Nation? : Controversy
Teamsters Union President James Hoffa delivered a fierce anti-Tea Party speech to a Detroit crowd on Monday, shortly before President Obama took the stage.

James Hoffa's call to 'take out' the Tea Party: 'Inexcusable'?

Conservatives accuse the Teamsters' leader of urging pro-union voters to take violent action against Tea Party Republicans

Tea Party Nation? : Opinion Brief
Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) incited outrage on the Right for suggesting that Tea Partiers in Congress would be glad to see blacks "hanging on a tree."

A Democrat's 'race-baiting' Tea Party attack: 'Beyond the pale'?

The Right takes umbrage after Rep. Andre Carson accuses Tea Partiers of wanting to see blacks "hanging on a tree"

Tea Party Nation? : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Can the Tea Party accept that it won the debt-ceiling battle?

The anti-tax grassroots movement forced a paradigm shift in Washington — but many Tea Partiers are still disappointed that they couldn't accomplish more

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