Dogs : The List
Looking good Jasper, looking good.

Behind the scenes at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club dog show

Combed, curled, and ready to strut their stuff…

Cats : By the numbers
Cold-blooded killer.

The billions of animals killed by cats every year: By the numbers

The typical house cat murders between 4 and 18 birds every year, researchers say

Dogs : Burning Question
Believe it or not, this little bundle of canine joy is actually a descendant of the big bad wolf.

How wolves evolved into man's best friend

Swedish scientists have identified a key piece of the canine evolutionary puzzle: The ability to process carbs

Dogs : The List
Leao, a dog in Brazil, sits vigil at her owner's gravesite after fatal landslides in January 2011: Leoa is one of many dogs who have recently shown courageous acts of loyalty for the ones they love.

The phenomenon of grieving dogs: The ultimate loyalty [Updated]

Living up to the title of man's best friend, these dogs face danger and death to stay near the ones they love

Dogs : The List
The K-9 Parish Comfort dogs (and their handlers) who helped the residents of Newtown, Conn., through their grief.

The 9 most newsworthy dogs of 2012

Dogs are the best. Here's the proof... if you even need it

Dogs : Best Video
Monty cruises along with the wind blowing in his hair.

The world's first driving school... for dogs

A New Zealand charity teaches canines how to operate cars, all in the name of pet adoption

Dogs : Slideshow
Dog panties and 8 more totally unnecessary pet accessories

Dog panties, dog pedometers, and 7 more unnecessary pet accessories [Updated]

The multi-billion-dollar pet industry gleefully churns out products for the prude, the lazy, and the fashionable among our furry friends

Dogs : Instant Guide
A 6-year-old Labrador mix (not pictured) can rest easy now that he's protected under a new law.

The Massachusetts dog who won a restraining order against its owner's violent boyfriend

A new law in the Bay State gives courts the right to make protection orders inclusive of household pets

Dogs : Instant Guide
Devocalization, also known as "debarking," is only banned in two states in the U.S., Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Devocalization: The controversial act of removing dogs' vocal chords

Some dog owners will do anything to keep their pets from barking, including putting them under the knife

Dogs : Analysis
Scrutinizing this ridiculously cute photo for a few minutes now may help you perform your work more accurately later, according to a new study.

Does looking at pictures of puppies improve concentration?

It's easy to waste time at work gazing at photos of cuddling kittens and snoozing puppies, but a new study suggests that such images may make you more efficient

Dogs : Instant Guide
As many as 60 percent of the nation's dogs and cats qualify as obese, so perhaps it's about time we had a clinic dedicated to slimming down our beloved pets.

America's first pet-obesity clinic: A guide

We the people aren't the only Americans who are overweight. Our dogs and cats could stand to shed some pounds, too. And now they can get help

Dogs : Fact Sheet
A young cancer patient in an Ecuadorian hospital pets a therapy dog named Juci whose weekly visits have reportedly helped boost the kids' resistance to chemo's side effects. 

8 ways dogs improve your health

Canines can work medical wonders, from easing the side effects of chemotherapy to helping veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder

Dogs : Instant Guide
Two people hiking near the top of Mount Bierstadt in Colorado stumbled upon a wounded German Shepherd. The couple used the powers of the internet to get help for the stranded pup.

How the internet saved a dog stranded at 14,000 feet

Hikers band together to save an injured German Shepherd that had been left for dead in the mountains of Colorado

Cats : Instant Guide
A house cat and its prize: Researchers found domestic felines kill an average of 2.1 critters per week, seemingly just for the fun of it. 

Is your cat a mass murderer?

Kitties can be cute, but they're also serious predators to all kinds of smaller creatures — consuming an average of 2.1 a week

Dogs : Burning Question
Dogs that spend more time outdoors bring more dirt into their homes, which, according to a new study, may help strengthen an infant's budding immune system.

Are babies who live with dogs healthier?

Researchers offer compelling proof that keeping Fido around gives your newborn baby a significant immunity boost in his or her first year of life

Dogs : Slideshow

Pupcakes and 7 other people foods transformed into dog treats

Dogs are suckers for human foods that contain a lot of ingredients that are bad for animals. Luckily, crafty cooks have concocted some delicacies with Fido in mind

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