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San Francisco has launched a pilot program that pays panhandlers to care for stray dogs — if they stop panhandling. After a successful trial period, the caretakers have the option of adopting the pups.

San Francisco's puppy-power plan to remove panhandlers from the streets

The famously liberal city has come up with a novel solution to its panhandling problem — and it involves lots of abandoned dogs

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Dogs are assembled for a portrait after a special New Year's prayer for pets in Tokyo

Why childless Japanese are choosing pets over parenthood

Fewer Japanese adults are opting to have kids. Instead, more and more are buying lapdogs... and pampering them to implausible degrees

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A two-year-old stray dog hung tight with a team of Chinese cyclists while they raced up and down mountains as high as 14,700 feet for 24 days.

The stray dog that finished a 1,100-mile race across China

Few racers can complete the daunting cycling challenge through the mountainous Tibetan Plateau. This year, one did it without a bike... or shoes

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An Akita puppy: The breed is considered one of the few that has identifiably "ancient" DNA that can be traced back a few thousand years.

The genetic mystery behind dog DNA

Scientists generally believe that modern canines descended from ancient wolves, but the thousands of years of evolution are still a "big blurred mess"

Dogs : Controversy
Meet Knuckles, a sweet-faced puggle that has unwittingly instigated a costly, cross-country court battle between two bitter exes.

The $60,000 custody battle... over a dog

A New York man vows to go into debt to get a beloved pet back from his ex-girlfriend. And he's not the only one willing to pick a legal fight over a barking companion

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New York's Suffolk County now requires pet stores and animal shelters (like this one) to check a new animal abuse registry before selling pets to customers.

Should animal abusers be treated like sex offenders?

Just like child molesters, animal abusers in one New York county will have to register so their neighbors know who they are

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Obediently inked: Some pet owners are tattooing their dogs as a way to make their mark or even advertise their businesses.

Tattoos... for your dog?

Americans spend more than $50 billion a year on their pets. And now some owners think it's "hilarious" to spend some of that inking up their furry companions

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Uggie the dog has had a year that most human stars would drool over, from acting with A-listers to stealing the awards season spotlight.

Uggie the dog's pop-culture takeover: A timeline

The Artist's scene-stealing pooch caps off a banner year with a book deal. A look back at how the 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier clawed his way to the top

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Five percent of U.S. drivers who travel with their dog admit that they actually play with their pet when their eyes are supposed to be on the road.

Driving with a dog on your lap: As dangerous as texting?

More than 1 in 5 American drivers with a dog in tow let Fido climb into the driver's seat — and some even play fetch

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Meet Pet Fit Club contestant Fifi, a wily 21-pound cat who charms an unknowing elderly neighbor into feeding her extra treats.

'Pet Fit Club': The Biggest Loser for fat pets?

In the U.K., 18 morbidly obese animals compete in a reality-TV-like weight-loss competition

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Some dogs chase their tails. Others fight off armed robbers, and tussle with venomous snakes -- just to help their owners.

8 dogs who saved their owners' lives

Kilo the pit bull took a bullet for his owner, joining a long line of pooches who've risked their lives for the sake of their human pals

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A 2-year-old Basset hound (not pictured) managed to dial the British equivalent of 911 while he was choking to death on the phone cord, and was saved just in time.

The amazing dog that saved its own life by calling the police

The world is full of stories of dogs saving humans, and even dogs saving dogs. But a dog saving himself... by dialing 911?

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Frank Lloyd Wright may be esteemed for his design of New York City's Guggenheim Museum, but a smaller, decades-old creation for man's best friend is drawing new attention.

Frank Lloyd Wright's 'first and only' doghouse

At the request of a 12-year-old, the architect designed a one-of-a-kind home for a pooch

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Buddy, a 3-year-old black Labrador, is a registered Democrat, thanks to his owner who successfully demonstrated how easy it is to commit voter fraud.

The dog who's registered to vote as a Democrat

Buddy the Labrador can now legally vote in New Mexico. OK, maybe not legally

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Legally, this cat is ineligible to serve in the Senate. But that's not stopping Hank's owner from launching a tongue-in-cheek political campaign.

Hank: The tie-wearing cat running for U.S. Senate

The claws are coming out in Virginia, as a feline contender leaps into a tight race

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A dog watches human programming: DOGTV, a cable network devoted entirely to dogs, promises shows that will encourage playfulness and soothe lonely pups.

DOGTV: The cable network for 'home alone' dogs

Cable's first 24-hour channel for canines promises to keep Fido entertained while you're out on the town

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