Dogs : Best Column
German Shepherds, seen here with Italian police, were in such high demand in the 20th century that cruelly expedient breeding practices became common.

The welcome decline of the German shepherd

The stately dog isn't the popular superstar it once was, and that's a good thing, says Susan Orlean in The New York Times

Dogs : Fact Sheet
In San Francisco, where dogs outnumber kids, a canine special interest group has been successfully lobbying several mayoral candidates.

Dogs: The key wedge issue in San Francisco's mayoral election?

The owners of the city's 150,000 dogs are exerting their political influence to tip divisive doggy issues in their favor

Dogs : Best Video
Purina dog food is taking targeted marketing to a whole new level, with a commercial featuring high-pitched squeaks audible only to dogs.

The TV commercial that targets your dog

A new dog food ad features sounds only your pup can hear. Will it make humans more likely to purchase the product?

Dogs : Burning Question
Dogs have long helped out in the classroom, sometimes with reading programs (pictured) and stress relief: Now, canines are being recruited to help teach compassion and reduce bullying.

Can dogs reduce bullying in schools?

Educators across the country are using canines to teach compassion and social responsibility

Dogs : Slideshow
Dogs that surf competitively: A slideshow

Dogs that surf competitively: A slideshow

Strapping on a lifejacket and some courage, these pups show how four legs can be better than two out on the water  

Dogs : Best Video
Sit, roll over, jump... rope? A group of 13 dogs in Japan sets a world record by jumping rope in unison.

The 13 dogs that can jump rope in unison

A group of talented canines turns a playground game into an adorable world record

Dogs : Controversy
Bulldogs, with their flat noses and wrinkly skin, are candidates for medically-helpful plastic surgery, which is on the rise among pets.

Plastic surgery… for your pet?

No longer reserved for the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery on cats and dogs is on the rise

Dogs : Best Video
Otis, the adventurous pug, strapped into his specially-made harness for his 64th jump, was a skydiving convert from puppyhood on, says his owner.

Otis the 'ultimate' skydiving pug

The 10-year-old pooch, aloft since puppyhood, made his 64th jump this week. Does he really enjoy the thrill?

Dogs : Controversy
The American Kennel Club recommends dog owners not leave their pets unattended in order to curb recent canine theft increase.

The 'sharp rise' of dog-napping

More and more dogs are being literally stolen from their owners.

Dogs : Burning Question
Is there something about a dog's attentive, uncritical gaze that encourages children to master reading more quickly?

Can dogs teach kids to read?

New anecdotal evidence suggests that kids who practice reading to dogs become more adept than kids who read to humans

Dogs : Opinion Brief
La Vie is a therapy dog who accompanies young sexual assault victims in the courtroom, though some lawyers argue that such canine cuteness unfairly sways jurors.

Courtroom dogs: An unfair advantage?

Service dogs are increasingly being used to comfort witnesses during difficult testimony, but some lawyers argue that the practice prejudices jurors

Dogs : Fact Sheet
A truck carrying dogs on the outskirts of Beijing: A southern Chinese city was planning to force dog-owners to turn over their pets for adoption by rural dwellers or euthanasia.

A Chinese city's heartless plan to ban pet dogs

The city of Jiangmen had devised a brutal scheme to curb rabies and dog attacks — but anguished pet-owners prevailed at the last minute

Dogs : Slideshow
Giant George: Life With The Tallest Dog in The World

Pet memoirs: A visual history

Before Marley and Giant George, the 7-foot-tall Great Dane, creatures were already inspiring books from Virginia Woolf and John Steinbeck

Dogs : Burning Question
A dog feeds its 15 puppies in China in 2009: Researchers are working on a contraceptive drug for dogs that would replace the need to spay females.

A birth control pill... for dogs?

Scientists are developing a chemical means of curbing the unwanted consequences of puppy love

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Puget Sound Starts Here's catchy music video urges residents of The Evergreen State to scoop up their dogs' poop.

The $27,000 music video to fight dog poo

Did the Washington state government really need to produce such a clever clip to get people to scoop their dog's poop?

Cats : Irony Alert
Mickey and Minnie may rule Disneyland during the daytime but hundreds of feral cats take the night shift, patrolling the park for real mice at play.

Irony alert: Disneyland's no-mouse policy

Hundreds of feral cats take over the amusement park each night, patrolling the grounds for mice and serving as de facto exterminators

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