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Bo Obama, the First Family's Portuguese Water Dog, may be cute but, according to new research, he may be just as allergy-inducing as his shedding peers.

The 'myth' of hypoallergenic dogs

A new study finds that Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs, and other supposedly hypoallergenic pooches produce no fewer allergens than other dogs

Dogs : Instant Guide
To prevent pups from becoming projectiles in the car, law enforcement officials suggest strapping them in.

Should dogs wear seat belts?

The holiday weekend is here, and many families — and their pets — are hitting the road to celebrate. Here, a guide to ensuring that Fido travels safely

Dogs : Fact Sheet
This professionally soothing dog stood by a 15-year-old who had to identify her alleged attacker in court, a first in New York state.

The dog who took the witness stand

An 11-year-old golden retriever becomes a courtroom pioneer by comforting a young victim while she testifies

Dogs : Only in America
Neighbors fed up with illicit dog poop on their lawns are turning to DNA testing to find out which pet owner failed to scoop.

Only in America: DNA testing to prove which neighbor's dog pooped

Faced with dog owners who refuse to pick up after their pets, several apartment complexes are using a CSI-like test to unmask the culprit

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Naki'o acts just like any other eager puppy, except that he has four mechanical paws.

Can a dog survive with 4 bionic legs?

Naki'o, the first dog to be fitted with four prosthetic paws, is turning out to be a model patient

Cats : Burning Question
Though it would surely make any kitten scream out in pain, piercing felines was part of one Pennsylvania's woman's strategy to earn some extra cash.

Pierced 'goth' kittens: Animal cruelty?

A Pennsylvania woman gives her cats painful, hardcore piercings — then tries to sell them on eBay for $100 each

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A pack of "bloodthirsty" dogs (not pictured) roaming the countryside of Washington state has killed about 100 animals in the past three months.

Washington state's 'bloodthirsty' killer dogs

A pack of elusive, llama-murdering canines are terrorizing residents in the Evergreen State

Cats : Controversy
Jan Van Dusen won a tax court trial over some $12,000 in deductions for her cat rescue work.

The 'cat lady' who beat the IRS

It turns out you can write off the thousands of dollars you spent caring for dozens of feral cats... and other charitable expenses

Dogs : By the numbers
Though Leona Helmsley bequeathed her maltese, Trouble, $12 million, the dog's caretaker later estimated that Trouble could squeeze by on $100,000 a year.

The $12 million dog: By the numbers

Trouble, the lucky maltese to whom Leona Helmsley left millions when she died in 2007, has joined her notorious owner in the afterlife. A look at Trouble's charmed life

Cats : Only in America
They may take up more space, but even fat cats need a home. And one Ohio shelter is keen to make that happen, by encouraging adoption with discounted prices.

Only in America: Buy an obese cat, save $55

An Ohio animal shelter is having an unusual sale, in an effort to find new homes for some of its fattest cats

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Dogs Deserve Better bought Michael Vick's old home in Surry County, Va. and plans to turn the former dogfighting compound into a rehab center for pups.

Whatever happened to... Michael Vick's dogfighting compound?

The Bad Newz Kennels that temporarily destroyed the NFL star's career are getting a rebirth of sorts

Dogs : Opinion Brief
The Cane Corso Mastiff, the same breed that fatally mauled a toddler in New York this weekend, has come under criticism as a "monster dog" that should be kept away from kids.

When family dogs attack: Are some breeds too risky?

After a Mastiff fatally mauls a toddler in his New York home, many parents insist the "monster dog" should have been kept away from kids

Dogs : Opinion Brief
It may look messier, but a dog's approach to drinking employs the same elegant physics as a cat's.

The science of how dogs drink

Slurping dogs have long been maligned as messy drinkers, but new video evidence shows that pups drink just as elegantly as their feline rivals

Dogs : Opinion Brief
In the event the Rapture leaves Christians' pets untended, entrepreneurial atheists are ready to assist with post-apocalypse pet care.

Who will care for your pet after the Rapture? Hire an atheist!

For a small fee, enterprising atheists say they'll adopt the pets of Christians who'll be zipping up to heaven this weekend

Dogs : By the numbers
A dog bites a young girl on a street in central China: In the U.S., insurers paid out $412 million in dog bite claims in 2010.

The (unbelievable) cost of dog bites: By the numbers

Dog-bite claims bled $412 million from insurance companies last year, and some say vicious pooches have become a serious threat to public health

Dogs : Fact Sheet
Brit, a bomb-sniffing military dog, searches for explosives in Afghanistan: The American commando team that killed Osama bin Laden on Sunday included a similar "war dog."

The heroic war dog who helped nail bin Laden

A specially trained dog was part of the gutsy mission, and he's just one of thousands of courageous canines employed by the Pentagon

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