Dogs : The List
Target saved U.S. soldiers from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan only to wind up in animal control back in the states.

The most newsworthy dogs of 2010

These pups and their unusual stories made headlines and, more often than not, captured our hearts

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Though it may be more for the owner than the dog, a winter weather sweater may offer a little extra padding for those smaller pups.

Blizzard debate: Does your dog really need a sweater?

With much of the nation covered in snow, pet lovers debate whether it's time to bundle up Fido

Dogs : Opinion Brief
The so-called Octomom of dogs delivered her 17 Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies naturally after 26 hours of labor.

The 'Octomom' of dogs

A startlingly fertile German dog has given birth to not just eight but 17 puppies, and — miraculously — all of them survived

Cats : Burning Question
Being friendly may finally be paying off for dogs in the pet war that is dogs vs. cats.

Are dogs really smarter than cats?

Scientists at Oxford say socially active dogs have developed bigger brains than standoffish felines. Pet lovers, take sides!

Dogs : Instant Guide
Bruce Cameron's "dogoir" was featured on the New York Times bestseller list for 12 weeks and is slated to become a movie.

This dog's life: The rise of the pet memoir

Our furry friends are dominating the publishing industry. Why are "dogoirs" doing so well?

Dogs : Wit
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gets in touch with his softer side during a quiet moment with his new Bulgarian shepherd puppy.

What should Putin name his puppy?

The Russian strongman has enlisted the public's help to christen his pooch, and the possibilities are endless

Dogs : Best Column
Humans have a "unique" and "indispensable" relationship with dogs that has lasted some 30,000 years.

Sorry, vegans, I'm not about to eat my dog

Vegans say anyone willing to feast on pork should have no qualms about eating dog meat, says Nicolette Hahn Niman in The Atlantic. But it's really not the same thing

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Mia (not pictured) just couldn't stay away.

The dog that rose from the dead

Mia, an 11-year-old Rottweiler, came back to life after being put to sleep by vets. How did this happen?

Dogs : Instant Guide
Man's best friend can have some dark days too.

Is your dog pessimistic?

New research finds that some dogs are more likely to see the food bowl as "half empty." Really?

Dogs : Fact Sheet
The girl who was filmed throwing puppies into a river has been identified.

The girl who killed puppies

A YouTube video of a teenager hurling baby dogs into a rushing river has prompted worldwide indignation. Who is she, and why have the police decided to let her go?

Dogs : By the numbers
Spoil your pet at a proposed multi-million dollar resort that includes $200 luxury rooms and other furry-friendly amenities.

A $4.4 million pet hotel: By the numbers

A luxury mega-resort in Texas (don't call it a kennel!) is offering Americans unprecedented ways to spoil their furry companions. Here, the stats behind the madness

Dogs : Opinion Brief
It takes about three years for the dogs to be fully trained in water rescuing.

Italy's heroic canine lifeguards

Dogs are already known for compassion, but in Italy, specially trained pooches are leaping from speedboats and saving lives

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Despite having only her hind legs, Faith the dog learned to walk and is an inspiration to wounded soldiers.

Faith: The dog that inspires wounded soldiers

A two-legged dog that learned to walk upright has given hope to veterans with debilitating war injuries

Dogs : The List
Dogs: Man's best friend, but a perpetual mystery.

5 things we've learned about dogs in 2010

Dogs mimic their owners, lack the intelligence of wolves, and aren't just chasing their tails for fun. Here, an overview of the latest studies about man's best friend

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Should Fido get the Body of Christ?

Communion for dogs?

A Canadian priest's decision to give a mutt a communion wafer has some Christians panting with fury

Dogs : Best Column
What's he thinking?

How to read your dog's mind

Can pet psychics, asks Newsweek's Caroline H. Dworin, help you extract the latest bit of gossip from your horse or evidence of your snake's dry sense of humor?

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