Dogs : Opinion Brief
Is it a poodle or a boa constrictor?

'Extreme Poodles': Ethical?

On TLC's new show, relentlessly creative groomers turn dogs into "works of art." Is it entertainment or animal cruelty?

Dogs : Fact Sheet
Man's best friend: Psychologists say married couples should treat their spouses more like their pets.

Marriage advice: Treat your partner like a dog?

A psychologist says your relationship will improve if you show your significant other the same unconditional love you give your pet

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Pitbulls, like the one seen here, are often trained to fight to the death.

Watching dog fights: A constitutional right?

The Supreme Court has struck down a ban on videos depicting animal cruelty, citing free-speech grounds. Defensible or deplorable?

Dogs : Opinion Brief
It's a dog's world

Should 'bad dog' insurance be mandatory?

Though violent-canine attacks are on the rise in Britain, a plan to make all owners buy insurance should be muzzled, say critics

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Debarking Fido: necessary or inhumane?

Is 'de-barking' dogs cruel?

Yes, some people have their dogs' vocal cords cut to quiet them down. Is the operation ever justified?

Dogs : Only in America
Giant George.

'World’s Tallest Dog' showdown: Titan vs. Giant George

Guinness just crowned a Great Dane named Giant George the world's tallest dog — but was the former titleholder robbed?

Cats : Opinion Brief
Beloved pet or gustatory delicacy? Depends on who you ask.

Why not eat cat stew?

Italian TV chef Beppe Bigazzi waxed poetic about the pleasures of eating cat — and lost his job because of it. Is cat meat so sacred?

Dogs : Flashback
The official portrait of the Obama Family Dog 'Bo' sitting on the South Lawn of the White House.

Most newsworthy dogs of 2009

The canines that captivated the media — and the world's — attention in the past 12 months.

Dogs : By the numbers
He doesn't even know how big his environmental footprint is.

How green is your pet?

A new book translates the environmental impact of Americans’ beloved dogs, cats, and fish into cold hard numbers

Dogs : Essay
Old dogs are good companions.

The last word: Why old dogs are the best dogs

They can be eccentric, slow afoot, even grouchy. But dogs live out their final days, says The Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten, with a humility and grace we all could learn from.

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