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Driving in America : Opinion Brief
A draft proposal suggests taxing drivers by the mile, potentially using a mileage-measuring device installed on all vehicles.

Should drivers be taxed by the mile?

The Obama administration floats — and then distances itself from — a controversial new plan to pay for roads and bridges

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
New York's "Taxi of Tomorrow" will not be supplied by an American car maker after Japan's Nissan won the city's competition with its minivan design.

New York City's 'painfully suburban' taxi of the future

Nissan wins the right to turn its minivan into the city's "Taxi of Tomorrow." Many commentators are not impressed

Driving in America : Best Column
Toyota may suffer as much as a $2 billion loss for the current quarter, while Chrysler posted a quarterly profit for the first time since 2006.

Can the Big 3 U.S. carmakers overtake Japan's industry leaders?

It's certainly possible, thanks to a stunning reversal of fortunes in the global auto industry, say Jeff Bennett and Neal E. Boudette in The Wall Street Journal

Driving in America : By the numbers
Ford's comeback is in part thanks to its focus on smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, including the popular Fiesta, which gets 40 miles per gallon on highways.

Ford's unlikely comeback: By the numbers

The American auto giant was in dire straits just two years ago. Now it's reporting some of its biggest profits in 13 years

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Driver Mohammed Alam (left) shaved $12,000 off the estimated metered price when he drove John Belitsky and his friend from New York to Los Angeles for $5,000.

The $5,000 cross-country cab ride

Two buddies from New York get a cabbie to shuttle them coast to coast. The question is, why?

Driving in America : The List
From strip clubs to funerals, there seems to be a drive-thru available for just about everything in this great, car-obsessed nation.

Drive-thru funerals and 4 other strange drive-thru options

Maybe grieving for your loved ones through a car window isn't so strange... when you compare it to drive-thru strip clubs and daiquiri stands

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
The redesigned VW Beetle has a sportier look and, most importantly, no flower vase in the dash. Will this unleash male buyers?

The redesigned VW Beetle: Will men (finally) buy it?

Volkswagen gives the iconic VW bug a sportier, sleeker look to increase its appeal to men. Is the new design macho enough?

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Texas wants to push some of its highway's speed limits to 85 mph, which would be the fastest in the country and second-fastest in the world.

Texas' 85 mph speed limit plan: Too fast?

The Lone Star State wants to raise the speed limit to 85 — the fastest in the nation. Is this a dangerous precedent, or just Texas being Texas?

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
The Ferrari FF is slick, speedy and, for the first time, family-friendly, with four seats and four-wheel drive.

'The coolest Ferrari' ever... and it's a family car

The Italian automaker promotes a new supercar — and it's got plenty of room for the kids

Driving in America : Instant Guide
Our cars' modern electronic gadgets helped a team of engineers break into a sedan and control its engine, locks and brakes... using only digital tools

Could hackers wirelessly steal your car?

Engineers managed to break into a 2009 sedan without so much as a coat hanger. Could the high-tech gadgetry in our cars leave them vulnerable to thieves?

Driving in America : Fact Sheet
A gas-loving spider (yellow sac, pictured) is causing headaches for Mazda, which has to recall 52,000 of its cars to save drivers from possible spider-related fires... or worse.

Can spiders really make your car explode?

Mazda recalls 52,000 vehicles that might be at risk of arachnid invasion. Wait, what?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
The recovering American automaker posted an "impressive" $4.7 billion profit for 2010, but GM's stock price still took a hit.

GM turns a profit: Why isn't that good news?

The Detroit automaker turned its first profit since 2004, but saw shares slump almost immediately. Why isn't the market encouraged that GM's back in the black?

Driving in America : Fact Sheet
Backing into a parking space saves you the risk of reversing into "unknown traffic" when it's time to leave.

Why back-in parking is safer

The vast majority of drivers pull into a space front-first — unaware that this standard approach might be putting them at risk

Toyota in Turmoil : Opinion Brief
Toyota announced that its profits dropped nearly 40 percent in the last quarter, just as the carmaker received positive results from a 10-month federal safety investigation.

Toyota vindicated: Does it lose anyway?

Federal investigators found no evidence that faulty electronics were to blame when cars accelerated unexpectedly. Is the ruling too late to save the brand's reputation?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Mary Barra began her career in 1980 as a student at General Motors Institute at Kettering University, graduating with a degree in electrical engineering.

Will GM benefit from a woman's touch?

GM's new product-development chief, Mary Barra, is the first female to hold that post for any American car company. Is her gender relevant?

Driving in America : Instant Guide
Chrysler reportedly invested $1 billion in its revamped 300 model (pictured), which sports a revamped grill, LED lighting strips, and a more "upscale" look.

Detroit auto show: Chrysler's comeback?

The beleaguered car company needed a bailout from the government to stay afloat. Is 2011 the year it drives back to profitability?

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