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Driving in America : Best Column
Drivers are going to find distractions, says Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. at "The Wall Street Journal," whether it is the cell phone, coffee or a breakfast on the run.

Using a cellphone behind the wheel? Fine by me

The government wants to ban you from using your smartphone in your car, says Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. in The Wall Street Journal. But that won't stop drivers from being distracted

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
"Mom-mobile" no more? Rapping suburban parents drop some beats for the Toyota "swagger wagon" Sienna.

Can the minivan make a 'cool' comeback?

Carmakers are trying to remake the image of the often-mocked family vehicle. But will re-christening it a "swagger wagon" make a difference?

Driving in America : By the numbers
A policeman gives a breathalyzer test; Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving -- 23.7 percent.

Drunk driving in America: By the numbers

Rates of drunk and drugged driving are on the decline, but they're still not low enough

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM CEO Dan Akerson (left) rings the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange Thursday.

GM's IPO: A victory for Obama?

The automaker's public offering was a tremendous success. Does it also count as a big win for the White House?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
The Chevrolet Volt is not only a "symbol of New GM" but an industry "game-changer," says Angus MacKenzie in Motor Trend.

Has the Chevy Volt saved GM?

General Motors is, shockingly, the toast of Wall Street, and its plug-in hybrid the unlikely "Car of the Year." Is GM truly back on its feet?

Driving in America : Instant Guide
Crash data from 1999-2008 revealed that sleepy drivers caused about 4,400 deadly accidents per year.

Driving while drowsy: A 'silent killer' on the roads

One in every five U.S drivers admits to having fallen asleep behind the wheel — a problem that leads to nearly 1 in 5 fatal car crashes. What can be done?

Driving in America : The List
Driver reactions are significantly slower while reading and writing texts, a study found, than when the driver was legally inebriated.

5 surprising new facts about driving

Are you among the 30 percent of Americans who has the "bad driving gene"?

Driving in America : Opinion Brief
Researchers have found hands-free cell phone users aren't focused on the road.

Banning cell phones in cars: The government's 'draconian' plan

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says drivers shouldn't even use hands-free cell phones. Would it be unfair to force drivers to hang up?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM says the Chevrolet Volt is essentially an electric vehicle unlike Toyota's Prius, which is a gas-electric hybrid.

Did GM 'lie' about the Chevy Volt?

Critics are blasting GM after discovering the Volt is partially powered by a gas motor and that mileage claims may be overstated

Driving in America : Best Column
Police officers may be too focused on catching a drunk driver in the act than watching for truly dangerous drivers.

How drunk-driving laws make our roads less safe

Focusing on how much alcohol is in a driver's bloodstream doesn't work, says Radley Balko in Reason. Police should be targeting people, drunk or sober, who are driving recklessly

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM bounced back since 2009, with revenue up 44 percent from a year ago and $1.3 billion in second-quarter profits.

Is GM ready to go public again?

Just a year after it went bankrupt, the auto giant is set to make one of the largest IPOs in history. Too soon?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Rush Limbaugh: Waging a war against the Chevy Volt?

Rush Limbaugh vs. the Chevy Volt

The conservative radio broadcaster says GM's electric car is a taxpayer-subsidized lemon. Why is Limbaugh so down on the Volt?

General Motors : Audio
Rush Limbaugh says that electric cars are proven failures.

Rush's Chevy Volt rant

Rush Limbaugh says that the electric car is a ripoff because it has a "history of failure"

General Motors : Opinion Brief
The Chevy Volt: Worth the price?

Is the Chevy Volt worth $41,000?

Some say the sticker price of General Motors' first mass-market electric car — significantly higher than its rivals — may doom it to failure

General Motors : Best Column
The Chevy Volt.

Will the Chevy Volt save GM?

With the imminent arrival of General Motors' first all-electric car, says Roy Ritchie in Time, the American auto market is about to change forever

Toyota in Turmoil : Instant Guide
New evidence suggests the brakes weren't engaged at the time of the Prius crashes.

Toyota's acceleration problem: Thousands of bad drivers?

Federal investigators and Toyota engineers say "virtually all" the recent Toyota crashes were caused by driver error. Is the Japanese carmaker off the hook?

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