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2012 Oscar Race : Best Column
"My Week With Marilyn" is a flawed movie, says Richard Rushfield at The Daily Beast, and arguably, that should hurt Michelle Williams' chances for a Best Actress Oscar.

Should stars of bad movies win Best Actress Oscars?

Even though her heralded turn as Marilyn Monroe comes in a mediocre film, Michelle Williams is an Oscar favorite, says Richard Rushfield at The Daily Beast

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Combining themes from "Singin' in the Rain" and "A Star is Born," "The Artist" stars Jean Dujardin as a 1920s silent-film star made obsolete by the rise of talkies.

The Artist: The silent film that's an Oscar frontrunner?

Critics promise that a black-and-white French silent film will either leave you speechless or singing its praises

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Some critics are predicting that George Clooney could earn an Oscar nomination for his turn as a fumbling, forlorn, even dorky dad in "The Descendants."

The Descendants: George Clooney's best performance yet?

The Oscar-winning charmer plays against type as a hapless dad in Alexander Payne's new flick

2012 Oscar Race : Best Video
In a new full-length trailer for "The Iron Lady," fans get a longer look at Meryl Streep's intimidating Margaret Thatcher, and delight in the celebrated actress' flawless accent.

Meryl Streep's Iron Lady trailer: 4 talking points

Critics hail the 16-time Oscar nominee for flawlessly channeling former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Is a 17th nomination assured?

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Leonardo DiCaprio plays J. Edgar Hoover in a new biopic that explores the complicated life of the controversial man who was the FBI's first director.

J. Edgar: 'Indifferent Oscar bait'?

Clint Eastwood directs a biopic about a controversial historical figure. Leonardo DiCaprio stars. Statuettes are likely — but are they deserved?

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
First Brett Ratner, and now Eddie Murphy? The 2012 Oscars is falling to pieces, but critics say it gives organizers an opportunity for something better.

Eddie Murphy resigns as Oscars host: Regrettable?

After the awards show's producer, Brett Ratner, stepped down over a gay slur, the comedian announces he won't be hosting

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
The same ratings board that gave the notoriously gruesome "The Human Centipede" a passable R rating has doomed "Shame" with the "kiss of death" NC-17 rating.

Shame: Will an NC-17 rating doom the 'mesmerizing' Oscar contender?

Michael Fassbender's award-worthy performance as a sex addict may go unheralded, thanks to the harsh rating his film received

2012 Oscar Race : The List
George Clooney is already an early Oscar favorite, but fellow "Ides of March" star Ryan Gosling may give Clooney plenty of competition.

2012 Oscar race (so far): 6 talking points

With a long list of awards-hungry films being released this fall, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of George Clooney, Ryan Gosling... and The Help?

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Eddie Murphy is rumored to be a leading contender to host next year's Oscars, but some critics are concerned that the comedian might struggle after being away from the stage for too long.

Should Eddie Murphy host the Oscars?

The heralded funnyman, snubbed by the Academy in 2007 and plagued by some iffy career choices of late, is the rumored frontrunner for the Oscars gig

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
George Clooney's latest directorial film "The Ides of March" debuted at the Venice International Movie Festival this week and is already inciting a flurry of Oscar talk.

George Clooney's The Ides of March: The year's first Oscar 'sure-thing'?

The actor pulls double duty, both starring in and directing the political thriller — which just debuted in Venice to a rapturous reception

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Billy Crystal responds to cheers during his appearance at last year's Academy Awards

Should Billy Crystal host the Oscars again?

The eight-time emcee says he's "itching" to return to the Academy Awards stage, rallying a chorus of supportive critics

2012 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Brett Ratner is slated to produce this years Oscars, a decision that has critics worried we'll have a repeat of last year's Academy Awards disaster.

Will Brett Ratner ruin the Oscars?

The director of the Rush Hour trilogy is an unusual choice to produce the awards show — a job that normally goes to someone with a classier resume

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
James Franco at the Oscar-nominee luncheon; Had the actor showed this much enthusiasm during the show, perhaps his career wouldn't be in question.

Will a disastrous Oscars ruin James Franco's career?

Some wonder if the young actor can recover from his epic Oscar-hosting fail

2011 Oscar Race : The List
The Oscars lost 12 percent of the 18-49 demographic this year, despite the supposed lure of "young and hip" hosts.

Top 5 ways to fix the Oscars

While critics ravaged Hollywood's biggest awards ceremony, ratings drooped. How can the Academy improve the Oscars next year?

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
James Franco seemed to bring little but apathy to his Oscar hosting gig, leading some bloggers to speculate that he may have been stoned.

James Franco's Oscar fail: 5 theories

By nearly all accounts, the likable actor bombed in his Oscar co-hosting gig. What went wrong?

2011 Oscar Race : Instant Guide
The ladies of "Sex and the City 2" may be curbing the celebration after the weekend's Razzie Awards, for which their ensemble acting was hailed as the year's worst.

The anti-Oscars: 4 big losers

The night before the Oscars honor the best films of the year, the annual Razzie Awards dishonor the worst. Who were this year's lousiest performers?

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