Academy Awards

2011 Oscar Race : Review of Reviews
Jessie Eisenberg in "The Social Network" gives "the finest performance by an actor this year," says Owen Gleiberman at "Entertainment Weekly."

5 best movies of the year

An aggregated ranking of the films that influential critics selected as 2010's most outstanding — including some little-seen surprises

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Jeff Bridges stars as Rooster Cogburn, the roll for which John Wayne won his lone Oscar.

Should the Coen Brothers have left 'True Grit' alone?

The original film won John Wayne an Oscar. Was a remake really necessary?

2011 Oscar Race : Flashback
Christian Bale's thin frame in "The Fighter" still does not compare to his 62-pound weight loss for "The Machinest."

Christian Bale's 'The Fighter' weight loss and six more drastic actor transformations

Yo-yo dieting is a way of life for some, but for these seven actors, gaining and losing lots of weight is part of the job.

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Depending on who you ask, "Black Swan" is voluptuous pulp, heterosexual camp or the best horror film since "The Shining."

Why is everyone talking about 'Black Swan'?

Critics may be split on Darren Aronofsky's ballet-world thriller starring Natalie Portman, but they can't stop discussing it. Here are six takeaways

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Anne Hathaway and James Franco: The Academy hopes that hiring younger hosts will liven up the show and boost ratings.

Can James Franco and Anne Hathaway save the Oscars?

The fresh-faced stars are decades younger than last year's hosts — Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. That's a good thing, say most critics

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
"I would prefer that people not pass out -- it's not a plus," says a Fox Searchlight co-president of early reactions to the true tale '127 Hours.'

'127 Hours': James Franco's fainting problem

One of the actor's scenes in the graphic new Danny Boyle film "127 Hours" is — all too literally — knocking audiences out

2010 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Fawcett was more than a pinup - she starred in 19 films

Farrah Fawcett's Oscars snub

Why was the late star of both film (Dr. T and the Women) and TV (Charlie's Angels) noticably absent from the telecast's "In Memoriam" segment?

2010 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Elinor Burkett.

Elinor Burkett's 'Kanye moment'

Why did the producer of an Oscar winning film shove her director aside in order to give a speech?

2010 Oscar Race : Fact Sheet
The Hurt Locker ââ¬â directed by James Cameron's ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow ââ¬â won six Oscars, including Best Picture.

'The Hurt Locker': A cheat sheet

Everything you need to know about the tiny independent film that upset "Avatar" to win Best Picture

2010 Oscar Race : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets on 'Oscar Race 2010'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

2011 Oscar Race : Flashback
For the first time this year, the Academy has upped their "Best Picture" nominations from five to 10.

10 reasons why 10 'Best Picture' nominations is a bad idea

The critics weigh in on why the Academy shouldn't have doubled the number of top nominees

2010 Oscar Race : Instant Guide
The Academy Awards have had their share of scandals.

6 ugliest Oscar smear campaigns

As "The Hurt Locker" producers know, publicity can cut two ways. Here, media takedowns that ruined the Oscar prospects for other famous films

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