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Reality TV : The List
Lance may have missed an opportunity — it looks like he's got some moves.

10 celebrities who turned down Dancing with the Stars

From Lance Armstrong to Condoleezza Rice, plenty of famous folks have reportedly turned down a chance at small-screen glory on the hit ABC show

Jersey Shore : The List
The most artificially orange reality crew on TV will be taking their gym-tan-laundry routine off-camera, as the upcoming sixth season of Jersey Shore will be the show's last.

The end of Jersey Shore: 4 takeaways

As MTV's polarizing reality series comes to an end, critics weigh in on its fist-pumping, debaucherous legacy

American Idol : Burning Question
Nicki Minaj may be able to attract younger viewers, but the hip-hop star who may be American Idol's next judge could clash with super-diva Mariah Carey.

Nicki Minaj as American Idol judge: A big mistake?

The eccentrically styled star is rumored to be on board for the upcoming season, but critics aren't sure she's the right choice to jumpstart the sputtering show

Reality TV : Burning Question
Todd Palin gets target advice from former U.S. armed forces member J.W. Cortes in the new military-simulation show Stars Earn Stripes.

Stars Earn Stripes: Should war be entertainment?

In NBC's controversial new reality competition show, D-list celebs pair up with former soldiers to simulate war games in the name of charity

Reality TV : Fact Sheet
Swimmer Ryan Lochte's swagger and made-for-TV looks have attracted Hollywood producers.

Should Olympian Ryan Lochte get his own reality TV show?

The gold-medalist U.S. swimmer is apparently fielding offers to appear on Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor — and possibly his very own show

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, learns new moves with her dance coach: The six-year-old breakout star of TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras gets her own reality show.

Honey Boo Boo: America's littlest sweetheart, or 'its worst nightmare'?

TLC's latest reality TV show features a 6-year-old aspiring beauty queen and her road-kill-eating Southern family. It's appalling... but can you look away?

American Idol : Forecast
Whether or not Mariah Carey can boost American Idol's ratings remains to be seen, but the pop diva's presence on the judges panel should at least be entertainingly unpredictable.

Is American Idol wise to spend $18 million on Mariah Carey?

Fox producers are blowing a wad to bring the diva songstress to the judges' panel in hopes of resuscitating the show's ailing ratings

American Idol : Slideshow

The American Idol shake-up: Predicting the new judges panel

Steven Tyler and J. Lo are out, and Randy Jackson's commitment to the show is in question, sparking a guessing game over who should replace them

Reality TV : Analysis
Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network: Inspired by the popular 2010 movie, Bravo will begin filming a reality show based on Silicon Valley startups.

Will Bravo's Silicon Valley reality show be a hit?

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's sister, is turning reality TV cameras loose on the often closed-off world of tech startups

American Idol : Opinion Brief
Season eight runner-up Adam Lambert certainly has the charisma necessary to succeed as a judge on American Idol, but he arguably lacks A-list appeal.

Should American Idol hire Adam Lambert as a judge?

The glam contestant is reportedly in the running to replace Jennifer Lopez. But while critics loved his performances, they're not sure he can hack it as a judge

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
D-list celebrity contestants of the new dating show "The Choice" chum it up before picking ladies based on quips like, "I'm a cutie with a booty."

Just how loathsome is The Choice?

Dean Cain used to play Superman on TV. Now he's trolling for dates on Fox's queasy-making Voice ripoff, which critics are calling "the worst new show of the summer"

Reality TV : Best Video
Spoiler alert! Though you don't know it's her until the last 30 seconds of this "Burning Love" episode, Jennifer Aniston steals the show as a dating show contestant wearing a bear suit.

Burning Love: Jennifer Aniston's hysterical Bachelor parody cameo

The former Friends star flexes her comedy muscles by ridiculing ABC's popular reality TV dating show alongside Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell, and Ken Marino

American Idol : Opinion Brief
"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips' "Home" is the most downloaded coronation song in the show's history.

Will Phillip Phillips save American Idol?

While recent Idol winners have tended to fizzle, the Dave Matthews manqué scored a record-breaking chart debut for his coronation song "Home"

Reality TV : Opinion Brief
Prima ballerina Christiana deals with her fears that she's being upstaged by a younger dancer in The CW's reality series "Breaking Pointe."

Breaking Pointe: TV's classiest reality show?

You won't find Snooki-esque hijinx in the CW's new docuseries about the intense training and taxing lifestyles of a ballet troupe

American Idol : The List
The judges of ABC's "Duets" sing on stage in the season premiere: Like "The Voice," "Duets" pairs unknowns with celebrity mentors in weekly competitions.

The coming glut of American Idol ripoffs: A guide

As latest Idol winner Phillip Phillips picks confetti out of his hair, four new reality TV singing competitions are already gearing up to crown the next sensation

American Idol : Opinion Brief
Jennifer Holliday's guest performance on "American Idol" Thursday night is all anyone can talk about, but it wasn't her voice that made the lasting impression.

Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez's bizarre American Idol duet

The original Dreamgirls star joins the Idol runner-up on Wednesday's finale, and delivers a series of wild facial contortions hailed as both ludicrous and brilliant

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