Summer Movies : The List
Universal may have made a tactical error in not marketing "Battleship" as a kid-friendly, family movie in the tradition of "Transformers."

Why Battleship flopped: 5 theories

The Transformers-like, effects-heavy blockbuster capsized at the weekend box office, mustering a weak $25 million debut. What went wrong?

Summer Movies : The List
Elizabeth Banks (left) gets a nod from critics for elevating the otherwise trite comedy in "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

What to Expect When You're Expecting: Which cast members escape unscathed?

Critics are down on the latest star-packed romantic comedy, featuring J. Lo, Cameron Diaz, and more. Still, some actors manage to rise above the dreck

Summer Movies : The List
Devoted fans of "Friday Night Lights" may seek out "Battleship" for the chance to see FNL stars Taylor Kitsch (pictured) and Jesse Plemons acting together again. They may then regret that decision.

Is there anything good about Battleship?

While the $200-million bloatfest tortured most critics, some admit that slick effects, authentic patriotism, and Liam Neeson manage (barely) to keep the film afloat

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Unlike Sasha Baron Cohen's previous films, both quasi-documentaries, "The Dictator" uses conventional narrative storytelling methods.

The Dictator: Has Sacha Baron Cohen's shtick gotten old?

After shocking audiences with Borat and Bruno, the strategically crass character actor attempts to strike gold again with his fish-out-of-water formula

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Tom Cruise certainly pulls off the look of the '80s rockers he's fashioned after, but his vocals aren't as on point.

Rock of Ages first listen: Can Tom Cruise actually sing?

Critics get a taste of the actor's take on Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" in the upcoming rock musical — and they aren't so sweet on it

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
Is "Dark Shadows" one of "the strangest mainstream releases of recent times"? Or does it exhibit "flashes of the whackadoo genius that animated early films such as 'Beetlejuice.'"

Dark Shadows: Did Tim Burton's campy tone switcharoo pay off?

Movie-goers were shocked to learn that the director's adaptation of the '60s soap ditched its gothic style for cheeky laughs. And critics are divided

Summer Movies : By the numbers
"The Avengers" accounted for a whopping 80 percent of all movie revenue at the box office this weekend.

The Avengers' record-breaking opening weekend: By the numbers

Iron Man and his superhero pals score an eye-popping $200 million debut, obliterating the old record set by last year's Harry Potter finale

Summer Movies : Slideshow
Summerââ¬â¢s 12 most buzzed-about movies

Summer's 12 most buzzed-about movies: A slideshow

The Avengers kicked off the summer movie season with a superhero-sized $200 million at the box office. Here's what else Hollywood is sending your way

Summer Movies : Analysis
Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" may assume too much of its audience, in particular that it knows the backstories of superheroes like Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow.

The Avengers: For comic-nerds only?

Diehards are geeking out over this weekend's well-reviewed superhero flick. But those who don't know their Iron Man from their Hulk may be hopelessly lost

Summer Movies : Opinion Brief
"The Avengers" is already breaking North American pre-sale records, and some say its opening weekend tally could top $160 million.

How big will The Avengers be?

Iron Man and Captain America could help this weekend's superhero jamboree break box office records. At least until The Dark Knight Rises comes along in July

The Dark Knight Rises : Instant Guide
Fans are so hungry for any glimpse of "The Dark Knight Rises" that they tracked down more than 300 scavenger-like items all over the world just so they could see a new trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises' awesomely complex viral marketing campaign

Fans unlock the stunning new trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming blockbuster one frame at a time by spotting strategically-placed graffiti all over the world

The Hunger Games : The List
"Think Like a Man," which dominated the weekend box office with a $33 million haul, benefitted from strong word of mouth and the burgeoning popularity of star Kevin Hart (left).

How Think Like a Man dethroned The Hunger Games: 5 theories

Despite middling reviews, the romantic comedy banks a surprisingly strong $33 million at the box office, ending Katniss' four-week reign

The Hunger Games : Opinion Brief
Gary Ross on the set of "The Hunger Games": The director, credited for much of the movie's record-breaking success, is not signing on for the franchise's sequel.

The Hunger Games sequel loses its director: A major blow?

Fans of Gary Ross' blockbuster adaptation lament that the director won't be back for the franchise's second installment, Catching Fire

The Hunger Games : Burning Question
Complaints about "The Hunger Games" books' objectionable content and their place in school libraries have only increased since the popular movie's release.

Should school libraries ban The Hunger Games?

Suzanne Collins' hit novels rank third on the list of 2011's most-challenged books, reflecting a surge in parent complaints over the arguably objectionable content

The Dark Knight Rises : Fact Sheet
"The Dark Knight Rises" will pit new villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy, against Christian Bale's Batman in the final installment of Christopher Nolan's wildly popular trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises' PG-13 rating: 4 talking points

The upcoming summer blockbuster escapes an R rating, but fans should still brace themselves for envelope-pushing violence and... sensuality?

Summer Movies : Fact Sheet
Everyone's favorite eccentric Italian, Robert Benigni returns to the big screen in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love."

Woody Allen's 'delightful' To Rome With Love trailer: 5 talking points

The 76-year-old filmmaker sends yet another cinematic postcard to movie audiences this summer, this time from Italy. Here's what critics are buzzing about

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